Finding a “Home” and Friends

Don’t Judge a Boov by its Color

By Matthew McKenna

As the movie “dead season” comes to a close and summer blockbusters begin, DreamWorks released its latest animated film “Home,” and it is enjoyable for the whole family.

This colorful, energetic, and heartwarming movie based off the book “The True Meaning of Smekday” is directed by Tim Johnson.

Johnson also directed other DreamWorks animated films such as “Over the Hedge” and “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.”

Themes that flow in the movie are friendship and being unique.

The story follows a cowardly alien race known as Boov who relocate to Earth and take it over.

When one Boov named Oh, voiced by Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory,” causes trouble, he is forced to go into hiding.

Along the way he meets a human girl named Tip, voiced by pop star Rihanna, and a cat named Pig who are looking for Tip’s mother who was relocated when the Boov race took over Earth.

A particular scene that strongly shows the theme is, spoiler alert, when the two try to locate where Tip’s mother is by using a strange super computer and later trying to escape.

The things that make this a good film are its qualities such as the colors, the voice acting, story, humor, and soundtrack.

Colorful is a word that can be used many times to describe this movie, particularly how Boov emotions are shown.

Based on whatever emotion they are feeling, they change color.

Jim Parsons’ interpretation of Oh is interesting because when he speaks English, his grammar is off yet still very funny.

He also acts the way he does as Sheldon Cooper in his show.

Rihanna does a great job especially since this is the first animated feature she has ever done.

Steve Martin’s role as the leader of the alien race is very humorous—specifically how he tries to show his leadership or his perspective of human day-to-day objects such as a hair dryer as an inhaler and a football as food.

The soundtrack is enjoyable to listen to, in spite of the fact that it consists of Rihanna’s songs.

One enjoyable scene was previewed in the trailer, when Oh begins to dance to music and he is not in control of his body.

In interviews with the cast, they are asked what is home to them.

Their responses were mostly the same, stating that home is where they feel accepted and comfortable.

In one interview on Good Morning America, Rihanna explains that she gave her character a bit of her personality and shares a lot of characteristics, suggesting that both of them come from Barbados.

The one thing that adult viewers should do is pretend that they are children so that they can enjoy this movie more.

Overall, it’s enjoyable to watch and it’s a movie you would be willing to see a second time in theaters.


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