Telltale Game Turns Terrifing into Heart Wrenching

First Person Experience that Puts You in the Story

By Emily Zoda

Most people watch The Walking Dead on AMC, some read the original comics but some have played its gaming counterpart, which has you making the choices.

Telltale created “The Walking Dead” as a single player interactive episodic game in April 2012, releasing five episodes one by one.

You play as the main character, Lee, and fight your way through the zombie apocalypse on the East coast. Each episode creates scenarios that feature you making a personal choice like moments you choose to talk to people in the game, offering them something valuable like food—which earns their trust—or at times, involves someone’s life.

Almost every dialogue you engage in with characters you get to decide what kind of vibe you want to give off as a person. Some wording choices are particularly sassy and others are neutral or positive.

Major choices in the game can change who is in your party or how the rest of your story may go.

Worst of all, making these choices are timed. But the game allows you to go back and change your regrettable decisions before moving on to the next episode.

The game isn’t all about the dialogue, so don’t get too discouraged. You’ll have your fair share of killing walkers and humans alike.

If you’re a fan of BioWare’s Mass Effect, this is a great game to pass the time. Although you don’t get to see how “renegade” you are after every decision you make.

After each episode, you’ll get to see how many other people made the same choices as you and a preview of your next episode is generated based on your major choices.

Based on personal experience, it was difficult getting through the episodes and not feeling for the other characters. Of course there are some you straight up hate, but others grow on you. Just be careful of which ones do. This is the apocalypse after all.

If you’re not into zombies, Telltale has recently released an interactive “Game of Thrones” as well as “The Wolf Among Us,” a dark and twisted spin on the fairy tales and princesses we all know and love.

After finishing season 1, I highly recommend “400 Days.” It’s an extension of the season to bridge the gap into season two. This will just introduce you to more characters that you get to see in season two.

Season three has been confirmed since summer 2014 and the first installment is expected sometime this year on available gaming platforms.



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