Livin' La Vida Lucia

How to Look Cool When You’re Not Feeling Too Hot

By Lucia Rossi

Allergy season is here! If you suffer from allergies or you’re just getting over being sick with a cold, it’s time to freshen up your look.


If you want to go to school and work looking lively even though you feel like a zombie, then I have some helpful tips for you. However, if you are really sick, you should wear no makeup and be resting in bed.

Start your day off with a nice, hot, steamy shower. This will help open up your nasal passages and lungs. You will feel much more refreshed afterwards.


When you’re sick, you need to change your skin care routine because your skin is extra sensitive, irritable, and dry. Don’t exfoliate your skin, it will probably hurt and irritate your skin more, so save it for another day. Use a light cleanser and then put on a moisturizer with SPF in it. You should also use an eye cream or eye roller to help get rid of those dark circles and puffiness.


When putting on makeup after you were just sick or are sick with allergies, simplicity is key. Your makeup use should be minimal and your look should be natural. What’s the point of getting all dolled up if your going to blow your nose and rub your eyes and ruin it all anyway? The goal here is to cover up the evidence and still look awesome.

For this look, skip the foundation. Your face is dry from all that tissue use and using heavy foundation will highlight that dry skin. Go for your tinted moisturizer, CC Cream, or BB Cream. These formulas are meant to multi-task by moisturizing, helping with redness and irritated areas, and giving some coverage. You want something light that will restore your complexion, hydrate, and even your skin tone.


Of course you have to set the cream in place for long-lasting effects with some powder but don’t powder up too much through out the day because your dry skin will make it look patchy. Instead, try blotting any oily areas with blotting sheets which are super cheap at the drugstore.

People can tell that you’re tired or sick with those dark circles and puffy eyes. Try to use a red cancelling concealer that is in a salmon or green tone and then use a brightening concealer in a yellow or peach tone. Be sure to set it with powder so it doesn’t budge.

image (1)

Usually when you’re sick your skin can get pale as well. To give yourself the look of false health, use a light and natural blush for that refreshed appearance. You can stop there or you can also give yourself the illusion of a healthy glow with a bit of bronzer below your cheekbones, your hairline, and jawline.

Remember we’re not gonna go crazy with this look. We’re going to keep it simple with your eyes. To brighten them up, put a light colored shimmery shade in your inner corners and along your lid. If you want to create a little depth, then just blend a little of a slightly darker brown shade along your crease. If you feel comfortable enough, put a small line of eyeliner along your lash line.

landscape poster temp

Don’t apply too many coats of mascara. We don’t want to irritate or make your eyes more itchy and watery after you were sick. So, just apply enough to make your eyes seem larger and more lively.


Your lips definitely need the most love after you’ve been sick. Use your favorite chapstick or lip balm to give your lips some deep hydration. If you want a bit of color, use a tinted lip balm so you have a natural pink tone that will make you look awake and full of color. Using lipstick or lip gloss may worsen your chapped lips and make them more obvious to people.


Let’s be honest, being sick, sucks. Especially with what it does to our self confidence. Just because you feel sluggish now doesn’t mean you should look that way. You will become stronger as time goes on. Getting back into the swing of things can be difficult but it only takes one step to get back in it.


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