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Have No Shame Wearing Your Frames

Makeup Tips For Girls with Glasses

By Lucia Rossi

Growing up, I hated my glasses. I thought no one could really see the real me or the best me because of them.

Since then, I gotten contact lens but sometimes it’s nice to go back to glasses and let my eyes relax from all the mishaps. I then get worried that no one will pay attention to my eye makeup with my glasses on, but glasses these days have become a part of style, a part of your OOTD, a part of you. It’s time to embrace it.


So you may ask yourself, how do I effectively compliment these glasses with my face and makeup? Let’s explore some answers.

One way to own your eye look is to keep it simple. You can leave your eyes bare and just play with your winged eyeliner and create a sick cat eye. Or instead, you can take all the attention away from your eyes and just focus on your lips. Try a natural eye look with a crazy lip color, try redefining your lip shape for extra drama. Have fun with this.


It is also helpful to keep in mind that if you plan on doing a bold smokey eye look, you should keep your lips in a natural shade. Frames can really dominate you face so you should pick what point of your face do you want people to focus on, your eyes or your lips.

If you have really bad eye sight, you might want t consider getting travel size brushes for their shorter handles so you can be closer to the mirror without any hassle.


When doing eye makeup and wearing glasses, pick a waterproof, smudgeproof, or volumizing mascara. Don’t you just hate when those pesky streaks get on your lenses? Using those formulas will prevent that from happening.

The kind of eye glasses you have do make a difference. If you have small thick frames, your eye look may seem more hidden, but if you have very large frames, you have more open room to play. Also, the type of lenses you have do matter too. If you are long-sighted, your lenses will make your eyes seem larger, if you are short-sighted, the lenses will make your eyes seem smaller. To compliment these effects, use darker shades if you’re long-sighted and use bright highlighting shades if you’re short-sighted.


Ladies it’s time to step up your eyebrow game more than ever because your glasses frame your eyes but your eyebrows frame your glasses. Besides having bold and defined brows are really in style right now. Shape them with small strokes with pomade, pencil or powder and set those hairs in place with some gel.

Glasses also tend to cast a shadow below your eyes so your concealer technique has to be on point. Use a color counteracting concealer in a yellow tone and then set it with some powder. Be sure to blend thoroughly and gently.


Priming is extremely important when you don’t want your product to move on your face, this is also true or your glasses. Let me explain. If you put an eyeshadow primer on your nose where your glasses rest, it will help prevent them from slipping down your face.

Just because you wear glasses that doesn’t mean you are limited. Do a bold eye look anyway and rock those frames. I’ve come to learn that wearing glasses does not mean its the end of makeup or that I have to hide behind them. Own them, and make it apart of you.


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  1. Girls with glasses rock! I did a post on goggles recently too. Totally relate on being ashamed to wear my glasses before, now they are my fashion statement 🙂

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