Preview for Fashion for Summer of 2015

Heating up the Season With These Top Trends

By Victoria Priola

It’s the weather we’ve all been waiting for—a time where the constant forecast of snow is a thing of the past. We now welcome the season of BBQs and sun poisoning with open arms and great style.

Who says nude on the beach isn’t appropriate? The colors of summer 2015 are among the neutral palette of beige, light pink, baby blue, and white. Boho-preppy is the theme of the season.

American Eagle released AEO Beach Essentials for women with looks featuring Aztec patterned crop tops with a knitted shawl.

The Aztec look was huge in 2014 but this year’s color scheme of the design is less intense.

Bandeaus were the top trend of summer 2014 but not so much this year. Now, it’s all about the loose crop top look with lightweight bellbottoms or long skirt.

Floral patterns are trending for this sunny season—of course. The huge floral headbands used at EDM festivals are a thing of the past, for the most part, at least. Now stores like Forever 21 and Garage sell headbands with a less intense array of flowers.

Free People’s website regards their newest collection FP One as “Old World embellishment with a modern twist.” They have incorporated lace, patterns inspired by the fashion of India and cut-outs in all of their pieces for this season.

Bright colored hair is making a comeback for the season, too. In contrast to last year, the color trend has been put on full blast. Having a full head of bright colors instead of stopping at highlights has been seen in abundance at festivals like Coachella.

Celebrities like Hilary Duff, Julianne Hough and Christina Aguilera have already started sporting pink hair. Kylie Jenner took a different route and dyed her hair light blue.

Real men wear pink—well, maybe just for this season. Ralph Lauren’s new collections of lightweight button downs are the go-to shirt for any summer occasion.

According to, stripes and floral patterns are among the top trends for men in summer 2015.

Apparently real men wear flowers too. Fashion Beans also says that the colors to watch for this season are red, green and blue.

The “man bun” was a hot hairstyle during the winter and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio have recently joined the trend. OK! Magazine refers to it as the “Long Hair Don’t Care” movement in Hollywood–which has been taken to the street as well.

Since the weather will be getting warmer, the sleek medium cut with shortened sides will also be a common hairstyle for the upcoming season.

When the sun rays are in full force, the proper cologne is a must. claims that the number one cologne for a beachside experience is Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue Pour Homme going for about $44 on Amazon.

Getting a sneak peek at these trends and checking out the theme of them sends a clear message out: For this summer season, challenge the heat of the sun and embrace what makes you most comfortable.


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