Jackson Teller and the “Sons” Tie up Loose Ends

FX Series Comes to an End as Fans Get Long-Awaited Closure

By Briana DelBuono

The Son’s of Anarchy is a motorcycle club that has a little more to it than most motorcycle clubs. The members are involved with quite a lot of illegal activity and violence than your average, everyday band of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Throughout the seven seasons of “Son’s of Anarchy,” there are so many heart-racing moments and colorful characters that you find yourself crying at the end of the series.

It wasn’t until last January, during winter break, that I decided to watch the series. A couple of friends recommended it to me and to be completely honest, I didn’t understand what was so special about it. I even watched a few episodes and made what I figured was a safe assumption that the series was an over-hyped flop.

But it wasn’t until I finished a different series that I was previously bingewatching and was in a state of boredom after its completion that I decided to give “Son’s of Anarchy” another shot. It was the best decision of my life.

“Son’s of Anarchy” is a show that allows the viewer to live vicariously through the wild and badass club’s members as they try to keep Charming, a small town in California, safe, run an automotive shop, and turn a not-so-legal profit in gun running. The series opens as Jax Teller is expecting his first child during a transitional time, while also questioning his views about the club.

Times eventually get worse after Abel is born and do not seem to ever die down. However, members make it known to the viewers that Charming is not always that hectic.

Jemma Teller, Jax’s mother, is easily the second main character of the series for obvious reasons.

She is the matriarch of her family as well as the entire club. Her character changes drastically in the show from start to finish. It is really obvious that the stress she endures from the club takes a huge toll on her mental health.

One main theme throughout the series that carries it from the first episode to the very last is the way Jax’s father, John Teller, projects his theories of the club and all of its dirty secrets onto the way he ran it.

As Jax matures as he deals with the loss of his father and brother while leaning on his mother and the club intensely, so much so that they quite literally become his family.

All of this unravels in the first two seasons as John’s words from the grave cause Jax to question his views about the club, but never his loyalty. Throughout the seasons, the viewers see change in Jax. And it’s not necessarily for the better. If there’s anything I hope the viewers take away from this series, it is that no matter what goes on in his personal life, Jax always seems to put the club first.

It is why most people fall in love with his T.V. personality, being that he is a complete badass, he really has the warmest heart.

This does not negate the amount of violence that he participates in with his brothers. The death toll throughout the series has got to be somewhere in the hundreds. It seems as if blood is always spilled in one place or another.

And what the series lacks in romance, it makes up with porn. That’s right, porn.

Considering that, Clay, the man who raised Jax, took the club into the dangerous business of gun running because of his overwhelming greed, Jax tries to get involved with a legitimate porn business that he believes will be more profitable and a lot safer. The girls who help run the club’s porn business play into the show’s badass biker theme. The characters involved with the sexy business also influence quite a few internal conflicts within the club.

The show, as a whole, is something that you want to watch and then you’ll want to recommend it to a friend, and then watch it again. No matter what your interests are, this is a show for everyone. Of course, It is a plus if you’re already into violence and lots of raunchy scenes.

The Son’s of Anarchy are a gang of thugs, quite literally, but there is so much more to them than meets the eye. The series packs in drama, romance, intensity, and anticipation and will more than likely have you keep clicking Netflix’s “Next Episode” button.

Just because the show came to an end on television does not mean that it will disappear. It’s available on Netflix and growing in popularity as people gush over the series to everyone they come into contact with. I can’t seem to get enough and hopefully you won’t be able to either.


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