Bralettes Taking Over Lingerie Scene

New Collection Swaps Comfort for Bras

By Victoria Priola

Victoria Secret is one of the latest companies to include bralettes in their Body by Victoria collection.

To welcome the new line, VS recruited an entire new team of angels: Kate Grigorieva, Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, Jac Jagaciak, Stella Maxwell, Lais Ribeiro, Sara Sampaio, Romee Strijd, and Jasmine Tookes joined the VS team to display the comfort and flexibility of the trending undergarment of 2015, the bralette.

While they may remind you of  bandeaus, who had their glory days in summer 2013, there are minor differences that tell the two garments apart.

Bandeaus are commonly strapless but like bralettes, the structure of bandeaus have recently included spaghetti straps.

To differentiate the two, bralettes have thicker straps. Bandeaus also give extra coverage in the middle bust area where bralettes lack.

Bralettes resemble low cut sports bras. Sports bras are structured as active wear so the spandex and nylon of the sports bra is made to be tighter and more sweat absorbent. Bralettes are made with cotton and lace which gives it a lighter and looser feel.

The Lounge bralette from VS is described on their official website as “The cutest and comfiest way to do downtime. A super soft bralette with pretty ruching between the cups.”

Most bralettes are underlined for all around coverage and include wireless cups. Bralettes are typically for a bust size of 30A to 38C, according to WordPress blogger BraFitAdventure.

Bare Necessities have a line of bralettes that go up to size 44C. The cheapest they go for in that size is $15 from Bare Necessities. Aerie and American Eagle sell sizes from small to extra large for $19.95 each.

This undergarment will run you about $40.

The bralette structure was commonly seen in 2015 swimsuit collections from stores such as Tillys and American Apparel. They come with removable cups and have cut outs in the chest area.

Stars like Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner have taken to Instagram to prove that wearing bralettes as a shirt is socially acceptable.

While that may be okay in the life of luxury, the lack of padding doesn’t mix well with the occasional, but present, summer breeze. If you want to avoid cutting glass, wear a shirt or jacket over your bralette.

If you’re feeling brave and want to take the plunge, wearing a bralette with high waisted shorts or maxi skirt makes for a great beach outfit.

Free People has a bra that is meant to be worn over clothing called the Pyramid Harness. It’s a $12 bra for your bra, in the simplest terms.

Bralettes are going to become popular as the summer transitions into fall. On those days where it’s too hot to wear an undershirt with a sweater and too cold to wear just a bra, bralettes will give you the comfort and the confidence of knowing that you are dressed for the weather.

“You feel cute without being uncomfortable and sexy without trying to make your girls something they’re not with a mound of padding,” said Kelsey Manning as told in a post from The Gloss.

“I don’t want to make them feel like they’re not enough for me.”

If you’re a fan of the wired bra, fear not. By the looks of it, this trend will not overshadow what has been a classic choice of undergarment to the millennial generation.

You should, however, treat yourself to an experience in a bralette.

Your girls will thank you later.


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