Fantastic Four to Fantastic Flop

A Reboot that Should Not Exist

By Matthew McKenna

Fans were not sure what to expect after the release of the FOX-produced reboot of “Fantastic Four,” and upon viewing were very disappointed.

The story was written poorly, the actors didn’t seem enthusiastic, and character relationships were poorly developed. “Fantastic Four” isn’t worth the price and audience members are better off seeing this on the internet, or not at all.

The movie follows a group of gifted young scientists trying to discover a new world in a new dimension. Reed Richards, played by Miles Teller, works with his best friend Ben Grimm, played by Jamie Bell, and other gifted young scientists to make a device that can teleport people from Earth to a planet in a different dimension. After testing the device, a horrible accident occurs that gives each of them unique powers.

The group is under government surveillance: Ben, now a rock monster, is tasked to go on several missions for the military, as well as Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), while his sister Susan (Kate Mara) struggles to control her powers.

This movie could have been done way better, even director Josh Trank believes so, expressing that its failure is Fox’s fault.

The story’s weakest points are in dialogue, progression, and character development. The lines spoken sounded random and not that relevant to the story.

The progression of how everyone got their powers was awkward due to the time skips within the story. The characters really had no development because the only thing that changed for them was that they got powers.

The characters also didn’t have any relationships with one another.  The characters are like coworkers that pass by, say hello, and walk away. Even the siblings don’t share a bond until something they care for is taken away.

The villain is perhaps the worst created in the Marvel universe. Victor Von Doom’s plan to destroy the Earth seemed illogical because it was very blunt and unexplained. His powers aren’t in any way related to those of his comic book counterpart either.

The special effects that accompany his attacks aren’t believable and the costume design isn’t up to par either. Surprisingly enough, Toby Kebbell, who plays Victor Von Doom, did a great job as Koba in “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”

Even fans are debating which “Fantastic Four” movie is worse. Many say that the 2005 version is better than this one because at the very least, that team had camaraderie. I personally would have to agree with this.

Perhaps the only decent thing about this reboot is the soundtrack. It’s tolerable and works well in some scenes.

To put it in a nutshell, this wasn’t a superhero movie. It was more like a science fiction movie about scientists trying to make a discovery who obtain powers in the process.



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