New Trend Wrapping Up Weight Loss

Detox Wraps Taking Over ItWorks! Market

By Loren Trapanese

Whether it be diet pills or the “Hottest!” juice cleanse, there’s always something new in the fitness world that helps people easily lose weight.

ItWorks! released a new product that has both women and men literally wrapped up in their new “bods.”

Wrapping a non-woven cloth made with plant-based ingredients around your trouble spots is new way in which you can reach your weight loss goal.

“When you put the wrap on it makes you feel cool and tingly, it feels like it’s working,” said Amanda Trapanese, a frequent wrap user.

“When I take it off the effects are clear and I can definitely say I feel great.”

The wraps, also referred to as applicators, come in a box of four and they tighten, tone, and firm your skin. They also minimize cellulite and improve skin texture.

You can use them on any part of your body to give a little confidence boost: Buttocks, sides, arms, neck, abdomen, legs, and back.

First-time users are instructed to leave the wrap on for 45 minutes to test the skin’s sensitivity to the lotion and after that, repeat the process every 72 hours.

When the applicator is used, any plastic wrap, like saran wrap, can keep it in place. The “Fab Wrap,” which can also be ordered, keeps them in place for the duration of usage.

“I am so happy with the results from using the wraps,” said Nicole from Long Island. “I lost inches around my waist after only three wraps.”

It may sound bizarre to wrap yourself in a cloth lathered in detoxifying ingredients but it surprisingly does the job.

I decided to give this new fad a try because any product that helps you lose weight is worth trying.

Standing there smelling like mint leaf with the wrap tighly hugging my abdomen, I felt the tingly feeling working its magic and got pretty anxious to see the results.

By the time the box was empty, I noticed  that my stomach looked better.

After the difference I saw on my stomach, I definitely wanted to use the wraps elsewhere.

The Ultimate Body Applicator, which is the box of four wraps, costs $59—that’s without without defining gel and the Fab Wrap. The defining gel is $45 and that is used twice a day, between applying the wraps.

Lastly, the Fab Wrap, which helps to keep the applicators in place, is $5. So, in total, you’re looking at a $108 deal.

The price isn’t too shabby for a weightloss product. It’s all natural and gives effective results.

What do you have to lose? When something is good for you and makes you feel good, it’s a win-win.

ItWorks! sells a multitude of products for both men and women looking for an alternative way to give their bodies a quick lift as well as all-natural dietary supplements.

“I swear by using these wraps, they really do work,” said David, a sales representative of ItWorks!. “You need to see the results for yourself and you’ll agree.”


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