Destiny DLC Download Ups Its Game

The Most Downloaded Game in Playstation History

By Matthew McKenna

It’s been one year since Bungie’s latest game “Destiny” was released, and there have been mixed opinions about the game.  With the release of its third DLC, “The Taken King,” Bungie wants to completely change the game for fans and those who are just starting.

“The Taken King” DLC is focused on Oryx, father the Hive God Crota, who the players slay in the raid Crota’s End in Destiny’s first DLC, “The Dark Below.”  Oryx is now out for vengeance and his intent is to destroy the Light and the Guardian, the player, who killed his son.

For Oryx to complete his goal, he creates a new type of enemy known as Taken. The Taken are foes that are from the original game, but their wills are taken away, replaced by new abilities, which make them more powerful and more challenging to defeat for players.

Once complete with the main quest, many side quests are offered to continue with new strikes.

The Guardian is given new subclasses to help defeat the ancient threat. The new subclasses are known as Sunbreaker for the titan, Stormcaller for the warlock, and Nightstalker for the hunter.

The Sunbreaker wields a flaming hammer that can be thrown many times and explode on impact. The Stormcaller can shoot chains of lightning at multiple foes at once and gives the player a feeling of what it’s like to be Darth Sidious from the “Star Wars” franchise.

The Nightstalker is more of a support class and they fire a void bow that does damage to an enemy, and any enemy near the shot are pulled towards the arrow, slowing them down.

Players are also given a new story and location, including new quests, weapons, armor, and gorgeous cinematic cut-scenes that are eye opening. The new raid will also requires players to dedicate many hours out of their day to complete it.

As for the upgrade, the gameplay has been vastly changed, making “Destiny” feel the same, but very different.

Quests are easier to understand as they provide information on how far players have until completing it. Players level up as normal until you reach the max level of 40, and is no longer determined by Light. However, Light now determines how much damage you inflict on enemies and take from them.

Light increases as the player equips stronger armor and weapons to their character. The player can also change the color of Ghost’s shell and can purchase armor through the new legendary marks.

Fans disliked the new casting of the voice actor of Ghost, who previously received life from “Game of Thrones” Peter Dinklage. Bungie swapped Dinklage’s voice with veteran voice actor Nolan North, stating in an interview that they gave Nolan a test run, liked it, and only gave it to him because he is much more accessible than Dinklage.

Switching the voice of Ghost has been on the fence between fans.  Some enjoy North’s sarcastic attempt at the character while others prefer Dinklage’s voice otherwise known as Dinklebot to most fans.

In the Tower, there are now places where you can view the items you have such as vehicles, color markers, and emblems. Players can also access blueprints for exotic equipment and once collected, players can make them over and over.

With the new DLC and upgrade, there are good things and bad things about it.

Leveling up feels easier and less frustrating than having to find gear with Light on them so that you can survive different quests.

The story has improved so much. In the original, you were given a goal but the main character didn’t develop over time.

Now, characters are more involved in the story and show off their personalities as they deal with different scenarios. Cayde-6, voiced by Nathan Fillion, is the most enjoyable to hear and elicits laughs every time he speaks. It would be nice for Bungie to make a game where you play as him the entire time.

Oryx is an enjoyable villain, in terms of design, voice, personality, and gameplay. However, you’ll find yourself wishing there was more of him in the game. A way they could have done this is show his side of things like how Bungie’s “Halo 2” did when showing both sides of the story.

The new multi-player game types Rift and Mayhem are fun and intense. Mayhem allows players to use their abilities often and Rift provides a capture-the-flag type of gameplay.

One mistake “Destiny” makes with its latest content is that it seems to ignore the first year and wants players to get right in on the action with “The Taken King.”

Overall, obtaining the DLC either in the marketplace or by purchasing the Legendary Edition, which contains all the DLC on disk, is worth it.



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