CSI Residence Hall Guest Threatens School Shooting

By Clifford Michel

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A guest at CSI’s residence halls was recently arrested after threatening to shoot up the school, sparking concern among residents and casting doubt over certain policies.

The guest, Clive Wallace, knocked on the doors of female residents, asking for paper towels. The students told a residential advisor, who then asked Wallace to leave, the Staten Island Advance reported.

Wallace made the threat on a “CSI Class of 2018” Facebook group after he heard that there were rumors going on about him.

“Might have to shoot a couple of these thots at a school called CSI. If I hear my name in another bitch mouth, I’m putting a bullet thru a bitch brain, word to my dead…4th floor south right…say less,” Wallace wrote on September 30. “And if you think I’m playing, the next time I knock, it’s not gonna be for no paper towel.”

Wallace, who often introduced himself to residents as “Junito,” was charged with second-degree aggravated harassment.

CSI President Fritz sent out a letter on Monday in response to the incident, invoking the recent tragedy at Umpqua Community College and saying that public safety officers will be taking a look at their policies to see if there’s room for improvement.

“Office of Public Safety and the College’s Emergency Management Response Team are reviewing our present security procedures and emergency operation plans in order to further refine strategies to help prevent incidents of violence from occurring on our campus, and to ensure an effective response in the event that one is needed,” Fritz wrote.

Wallace made a habit of wandering around the resident halls.

One resident told The Banner that Wallace invited himself into a unit she was hanging out in about a week before he posted the threat. Similarly to the incident that got him kicked out, Wallace asked if they had paper towels but didn’t leave after residents in the unit said they didn’t have any.

“He said ‘can I come chill with y’all’ and walked in,” said Desiree Rose, a freshman biology major at CSI. “I came and got my auxiliary cord and he plugged his phone in and started playing music.”

Several residents said that they causally saw him in the dorms during late hours, suspecting that he exceeded the six overnight visits a month allotted to guests staying in Dolphin Cove.

“’I can’t keep doing this couch thing anymore,’” Rose recalled Wallace saying.

Residents told The Banner that Wallace had often applied the tactic of asking female residents for amenities as an excuse to talk to them, stretching back to last year.

“[Last semester] it was ice, then it was paper towels,” said a long time resident, who lives on the fourth floor and declined to give her name. “He was ridiculously pushy.”

Dolphin Cove staff members didn’t immediately return a request for comment and several resident assistants, students who assist in managing the residence halls, declined to speak to The Banner.

A CSI spokesman maintained that the incident was isolated.

“Mr. Clive Wallace is not a currently enrolled student at the College of Staten Island.  He was a registered guest of a resident, signed in for the day, at the Dolphin Cove residence halls,” CSI spokesman Ken Bach told the Advance. “As this remains an active investigation of the NYPD, the College can offer no further comment.”

Wallace’s arrest and arraignment came only a few days after a shooter killed nine people in Oregon. Many residents who spoke with The Banner mentioned the incident and wondered if Dolphin Cove’s policies were strict enough.

Currently, an electronic fob key is needed to enter the residence halls and a resident student ID must be shown to a desk assistant upon arrival, though, the latter policy isn’t always enforced.

“Everyone complains about showing their IDs but then something like this happens and you understand why it’s so important,” said Katherine Columna, a freshman communications major at CSI.

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