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Hurry, Its Halloween! What Should You Be?

How to Choose the Best Costume

By Lucia Rossi

Halloween is around the corner! If you don’t have a costume yet, you should probably think about your options because waiting on a long line for an overpriced, cheap quality costume at Party City, shouldn’t be one of them.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. There’s Comic Con, cosplays, pumpkin spice, and parties. It’s the time of the year where you get to become something other than yourself, why not have fun with it?  

This is your chance to show off your creativity and imagination, and it doesn’t have to cost big bucks.  

Whether you want to show off at Comic Con or just wow your friends and family at parties, here’s how to pick the best costume for the Halloween season.

DIY-Halloween-Costumes-College-StudentsFirstly and most importantly, think outside the box! Originality is key because you don’t want to be another witch, ghost, or vampire in the crowd. There are plenty of interesting characters you can recreate using normal clothes and simple props.

Just think: What are your favorite fictional characters on television, in video games, in books, in movies? Who do you relate to or kind of look like? What is something popular right now that you enjoy? Or something people have really loved in pop culture in the past? Try not to pick something too obscure otherwise people won’t know what you are.

Have you considered doing a couple cosplay or group costumes? This is more difficult since it requires you to rely on other people to complete the whole set up. If you do this, be sure that your costume can be worn by itself and still make sense, just in case.

Do you have some serious artistic skills, or know someone who does? Maybe try a costume that mostly focuses on makeup and less about costume. Sugar skulls are always in for Dia De Los Muertos, and they look awesome. You could always practice at home by watching YouTube.


Thank goodness for Amazon Prime two-day shipping. If you’re working on your costume late and need a particular wig or accessory ASAP, then this will come in handy. If you’re willing to spend more money for expedited shipping, you could probably find a wider variety of options, especially hand-made novelty costume pieces, on Etsy and Ebay. These are great if you can’t make things yourself.

If you have time to spare, take a trip to the mall or thrift stores. Hot Topic has last minute comfortable costumes, but it’s not prize friendly. Thrift shops are a hit or miss because you never know what they have. It’s best to find a picture of who or what you want to be so you already know exactly what you need and you’re not going in blind.

If you’re planning on making your costume and have zero sewing skills, try learning the basics online, ask an older family member, or get to know your local seamstress. If you want to stay away from sewing all together, go for the fabric glue from a craft store. For a costume you’re only going to wear a few times, it’ll do.

Foam, cardboard, fabric, small bottles of paint etc. are generally cheap and ideal for prop making. Walk around your craft store and see what you find, take old things around your house and see what you can make. Cardboard you can get for free at a supermarket by the way, just ask. Waste not, want not, right?


You can go for the sexy costumes if that’s what you’re into, but be cautious if children will be around and take weather into consideration. What if it rains, or if it’s cold? Also, think about bringing comfortable shoes. If you’re planning something that involves body painting, how do you plan on protecting and fixing it? I’ve learned over the years that it’s smart to bring extra glue, pins, and a mini sewing kit in case of rips or accidents.

When planning your costume, think of the details and think about having a “wow factor”. Details matter, no matter how small. People like accuracy, and if people know what you’re dressed up as, they will appreciate all your effort and thoughtfulness. The “wow factor” could be a prop, weapon, outfit, makeup, or special accessory. That factor is what will set you a part from the rest.

You could also build upon or change the costumes you wore in the previous year. You can revamp last year’s Thor or Wonder Woman costume by putting a new style or spin to it, like steam punk or wild west theme. You can recycle and make it new again.

If you can’t think of what character you like the best, try going for a character you already look like. Meaning, if you have the same hair, skin, or body type of a character, then be that. Think of the Real Life Peter Griffin from Family Guy, all he does is put on a white shirt, black pants, and glasses but we already know who he is.

netflix-and-chill-costume ... Netflix and chill. [via]

Sometimes, geeky clothing can pass as a costume. They’re cute to wear every day and with a little sprucing up, you got a cool new costume. Online geeky clothing websites like We Love Fine, or Tee Fury, sell dresses or suits that are based off of cartoon characters and references. They can get pricey, but at least you’ll wear it more than once.

If you really feel like you have nowhere to turn to for costume advice, there are Halloween costume quizzes all over google. Try taking some of them and see where it gets you. Maybe you will become inspired.

One thing is for sure, next year, try planning earlier. I plan my costumes months in advance, no shame! Now, go get that candy.


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