Five Homemade Costumes for Those With Empty Wallets

Guide to Creating Pinterest-Inspired Outfits That’ll Scare Everyone

By Dennise DeJesus

Halloween is the only time of year when you can be someone else. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or money to spend on a costume. These Pinterest-inspired costumes will save you the hassle and are perfect for last minute parties.


Why not go as one of the most beloved foods for Halloween? This unisex DIY is an easy last minute costume since most of the materials can be used from household items.


2 pieces of yellow colored poster card stock

A pack of markers

A ruler

A roll of twine or string

Pieces of cardboard

Place some poster paper vertically on a flat surface. Using a ruler, draw a triangle until desired length. Finish triangle by sketching a curve for the shortest leg. Sketch a line one inch from the curve. Curve the line to create the ruffles of the crust. Detail with lines on the crust with brown marker.

To make the pepperoni, draw a circle on the poster. Finish by coloring it in with a red marker. If you want mushrooms, draw a curved mushroom shape. Then, draw a smaller version of the shape inside. Line and color areas black. Finish with small detail lines in the mushroom. To make peppers, draw a narrow curved shape. Color with a green marker.

Finish up by detailing the poster with an orange marker. Cut out pizza shape and attach to cardboard to hold weight. Repeat the previous steps with another piece of poster and punch holes on both pizzas.

Use twine on top to hold both sides down and on each of the sides to secure its places.


This sweet treat is known as a weakness for most. This costume can be made with household items and is also unisex.


2 pieces of poster card stock

Acrylic paint or markers

Pieces of cardboard

A roll of twine or string

Lay poster board horizontal on a flat surface. Sketch a large round circle shape for the body. To make the donut hole, sketch a smaller round circle in the body.

Sketch a ripple line until under the hole. Paint the ripple line with yellow paint for the base. Paint a layer of pink paint until the edge of the ripple. Add small colorful spots to represent sprinkles.

Cut out donut and hole out. Paste onto cardboard.

Repeat these steps on a separate poster and attach strings when finished.

Bubble Gum Machine

This candy inspired costume will help you leave a sweet impression.


3  bags of pom poms

1 dress

1 headband

Glue gun

White or gray fabric

A permanent marker

Lay dress flat and arrange pompoms on top before pasting. Glue pompoms down until the waistline of the dress. Repeat on the other side of the dress.

Paste white fabric down under the waistline. Using a permanent marker, draw the price and nodules of a bubble gum machine.

To complete the outfit, glue pompoms on a headband.

Skeleton Shirt

This DIY is perfect for those who want to feel festive but are not into costumes. A skeleton shirt is the great way to disguise yourself while being subtle.


A black t-shirt



White fabric paint


Lay black shirt flat on ground. Insert cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the paint from sticking onto the other side of the shirt.

Using a picture reference, sketch rib bones onto the shirt. Use white chalk on the shirt to sketch. This is great for erasing mistakes before using paint.

With a paintbrush, paint over the final sketch with fabric paint. If needed, paint a second coat to fill in spots. Wait for paint to dry.

Pull out cardboard when dry and add any other skeleton-themed parts to your outfit.


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