“Gilmore Girls” to Return, on Netflix, Next Year

Showrunners Wish for Show to End the Right Way

By Loren Trapanese

“Oy! With the poodles already!”

“Gilmore Girls” fans brace yourselves—your prayers have been answered. Amy Sherman Palladino has partnered up with our dear friend Netflix to give us what we all needed: a “Gilmore Girls” reboot.

Slated to begin production next year,  “Gilmore Girls” will consist of four mini episodes (more like four movies, yay!), which take place in each of the original show’s four seasons. And before you ask, yes, that means Taylor Doose will plan our favorite festivals and carnivals.

Stars Hollow, the fictional home of our protagonists Lorelei and Rory Gilmore as well as the other characters we all know and love, will become home to us all for one last time.

Palladino, who was not a part of the final season due to a contract dispute, did not get the chance to give Gilmorians a proper series finale—especially since fans were fully aware of the “four words” that Palladino planned to end it with.

The show, which ran from 2000-2007, will now take place eight years from Rory’s graduation in order to keep it in the present. Of course, our Gilmore ladies have all signed on for the revival (Lorelei, Rory, and Emily), as well as each of Rory’s love interests (yes that means Dean, Jess, and Logan), and there is no Luke’s Diner without Luke.

Stars Hollow isn’t complete without favorites: Kirk, Babette, and Patty, but there hasn’t been any official word on their return yet. But, the biggest issue facing the revival is Ed Herrman (Richard Gilmore), his death is something that will cause us to frequent reaches for the tissue box when the show airs.

Sad news though, our cooky-clumsy chef and Lorelei’s best friend, Sookie St. James (Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy), is rumored to not partake in the revival—leaving Palladino with having to figure out exactly how to justifiably remove Sookie’s character.

Online rumors speculate that there will be a wedding in the mix (please be Luke and Lorelei!).

Just give us fans what we want and no one gets hurt.

During the show’s run, the show gained a clult-like following and created bonds between viewers.

The quick-witted, beautiful, and caffeine pumped Lorelei and Rory are more than television characters, they represent home.

Now, we can only hope that the revival will give fans closure by answering the myriad of questions that we all have.

For example, did Kirk become the new Taylor Doose? Is April Nardini going to be in the reboot? Did Paris marry Doyle? Is Lorelei going to have a June wedding or a winter wedding? The list goes on.

Sherman-Palladino wants the show to conclude the right way, the way in which she intended it to.

When the reboot plans were announced, fans finally had hope that they would get the ending they imagined.

The theme song, “If you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold” brings nothing but warm fuzzy feelings to die-hard fans who have waited for this their entire lives.

Both Palladino and her husband have full control over the project, and will write and direct the four-part revival, according to

As of recently, there is no other official news out about the revival—I know you all check every day.

All I am saying is, get ready to throw on your “Babette Ate Oatmeal” shirt, pour yourself a cup of “coffee, coffee, coffee” and begin hibernation with the “Girls” by rewatching the entire series (with a plate of Pop-Tarts, of course).


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  1. I for one have been anxiously awaiting the continuing co-mingling of the inn keeper and the diner owner. The show won’t be as good without Ed Herman and Melissa McCarthy as Ed was the best actor in the show and Melissa was a big part of the warmth and charm to the show. There’s something for everyone in Gilmore girls and what you like most depends on your age. Most teens who watched the show obviously were drawn in by Rory’s teen idol boyfriends but everyone was drawn in by the brilliant dramedy writing. The episode “They shoot
    Gilmores, Don’t they?” was a perfect example of how the characters and town of Stars Hollow brought that feel-good smile on our faces every week. The show wasn’t ranchy, creepy scary and had no gore or violence like most shows today. They only had one murder in 7 seasons. I know it was a phony one but it was a murder.

    Luke: Taylor, you are asking me to donate free coffee to hundreds of people so you can raise money to buy a tarp.
    Talyor: How about fifty cents a cup?
    Luke: How about I charge for cream?
    Taylor: You would kick Tiny Tim’s crutch out from under him, wouldn’t you?
    Luke: If he asks for a free cup of coffee, gimpy’s going down.

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