“Guardians” Probably Best Halo Game of the Franchise

You’ll Have Nothing But Fun in the Latest Adventure

By Matthew McKenna

Halo 5: Guardians is the latest Halo game by 343 Industries, and it is crazy fun.

Taking a similar direction as Halo 2, players are shown two different perspectives of events.

You play as the original protagonist, Spartan John 117 Master Chief, and, newcomer, Spartan Jameson Locke.

Master Chief works alongside his childhood friends Fredric, Linda, and Kelly, who were all initiated at a young age into the Spartan II Program, Blue Team.

Locke and his Spartans, Buck from Halo 3: ODST, and Vale and Tanaka, form Fire Team Osiris.

The story focuses on how the Blue Team is chased through space by Fire Team Osiris because Master Chief and his team supposedly went rogue and have been accused of war crimes.

Guardians has proven itself to be one of the best Halo games in the series, but there are some reasons why players may dislike it.

The story is very well done and well paced, but it becomes a  bit confusing, requiring some gamers to play more than once to understand it.

Fans will also be disappointed that you play mostly as Spartan Locke and Master Chief, a favorite.

Giving commands to your allies such as picking up a new weapon, going to a certain location, going into vehicles, or targeting an enemy is another frustrating feature because the a.i. isn’t always reliable.

This game also relies heavily on co-op. If players are separated from their companions, things get harder because it can sometimes take a long time getting to the team member that needs support.

The video game’s graphics are very detailed and beautiful, along with its cinematic cut-scenes. It feels smooth, crisp, and realistic.

Gameplay in Guardians is actually the best of all Halo games in the series. Weapons and vehicles from previous games have a new look and received upgrades in the amount of damage they cause and the amount of ammunition they carry.

The Forerunner Suppressor can now track targets when sight turns red.

New weapons are also fun, such as the Plasma Caster and Hydra Gun.

Every weapon also has a “Smart Link” which allows players to zoom in, but you’re taken out of zoom as soon and you get hit.

The Spartans themselves are also weapons. Taking away the armor abilities in previous games, players can now sprint, thrust, shoulder charge, and ground pound with ease.

Shoulder charge can allow you to do significant melee damage to an enemy or allow you to break walls in the campaign to get a good flanking position on enemies.

Ground pound is possibly one of the moves players have the most fun using. You can use this move to get the jump on unsuspecting enemies in both campaign and multiplayer mode, and do a great deal of damage to enemies to the point of getting an easy kill.

Enemies in the campaign are challenging, particularly the vast amount of teleporting Prometheans.

Boss fights are also difficult and require players to think strategically about how to deal with an imminent threat.

Although the enemies are fun and challenging, you mostly fight the Prometheans and not the Covenant, the main enemy throughout the series.

Multiplayer still has its traditional slayer, swat, and objective game-types. The newest, and perhaps the most played, is Warzone.

Up to 24 players can go head-to-head to gain victory on very large maps. Victory can be achieved by earning points or destroying the enemy’s core.

Points can be earned by killing other players, taking locations that allow players to spawn, and defeating a variety of bosses who give a certain amount of points to one of the teams.

Weapons and vehicles can be obtained as the player levels up and are purchased by what are known as “REQ points.”

REQ points and new armor can be obtained by leveling up or completing commendations which give you REQ packs.

Overall, this game is worth the money. It’s challenging, exciting, and is a great addition to the franchise.

If that wasn’t enough, the legendary ending has a chilling cliffhanger that will have players begging for Halo 6.

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