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Get More MAC for Your Buck!

Save on Real MAC Makeup While Spotting the Imposters

by Lucia Rossi

Ah, MAC. It is possibly the most coveted makeup brand on the cosmetic market and the toughest to find discounts for, but not impossible.

You know the struggle is real when you walk in the MAC store feeling like a kid in a candy store with an insatiable hunger and an urge to try everything. Before you know it, you’ve spent an obscene amount of money. Yeah, we’ve all been there.


I believe every woman deserves top of line quality products at an affordable price, and I did the research on where to find it so you don’t have to.

Let’s talk about the MAC Cosmetics website. It’s a great place for inspiration as well as staying in touch with trends. By buying through their website, you get free shipping, returns, samples, and gift wrap.

If you are already a MAC makeup junkie, you should take advantage of their Back to MAC recycling program. The program urges you to return 6 empty containers you have and in return you can take home any lipstick of your choice.

If you’re already in the makeup and beauty business, as a student, hair stylist, makeup artist, cosmetologist etc. The MAC Pro membership card gets you 30%-40% off in store and online. Be aware that the membership does cost money and it does take weeks for you application to get approves and to receive the card in the mail. If you spend a lot already, it’s worth a try.

If you’re extremely passionate and serious about makeup artistry and the MAC brand, maybe consider working for them. The employee discount is 60-65% off.


If you’re willing to stray from the MAC company to see where it’s sold elsewhere, you go wrong with It is the one website that is constantly recommended online that sells authentic MAC makeup guaranteed at sale prices. Their selection however is limited because their inventory consists of discontinued or overstocked items, which is why they’re cheaper. The price is especially great if you combine MAC sale items with a coupon code to get anywhere from 25%-75% off depending on what promo code is active at the time.

Another website that is dependable with discounts on legit MAC products would be You can get a single eyeshadow for around $10 there. They sometimes have special promotions like spend $50 get a $10 gift card.

Instead of focusing on full sized MAC products, you could start a collection of samples. When it comes to MAC’s pigments , you know a little goes a long way. No seriously, the stuff lasts forever. Sample collecting may be the way to go if you’re on a tight budget but have an eye for fine quality. The 3 best websites to buy samples for only a couple of bucks are:,, and the Their products are real. What they do is they buy MAC products and sell samples in ¼ tsp jars, sometimes larger.


There are websites where you can buy slightly used makeup too. I’m sure you first thought is, “Ew. That sounds gross and unsanitary.” Surprisingly, that isn’t the case. is a website where you can buy and sell used makeup. The company inspects the product, accepts or rejects it, properly cleans it, and then puts it up for market. The sacrifice of not buying the products new are definitely worth the over 50% discount. Glambot also checks to make sure if the product is authentic as well, so nothing fake from China.

In my opinion, Glambot is the better choice because they are in control of their regulations and circulation of products, but you could also try Poshmark, Amazon, and Ebay. However, you run the risk of buying fakes.

You may wonder, what’s so bad about the fakes? People buy knock off bags and glasses so why not makeup? The difference is, these products go on your skin and into your body. They’re illegal because people have gotten hurt from the disgusting chemicals.

City of London Police revealed fake lip glosses, foundations, mascaras, and eyeliners were laced with mercury, arsenic, lead and even…rat droppings. Counterfeit perfume was found to contain cyanide and human urine. I shit you not.

MAC is possibly the biggest counterfeited makeup brand. Some ways to tell if you bought a fake are:

-Check the lettering on the packaging. It may be thinner and wear off quickly.

-Smell the product. You heard me. If it smells waxy, like cornstarch, or anything that’s not nice, don’t use it.

-Check the back labeling. MAC makeup comes from Toronto, Canada which should be on the label. Be sure that the product has an actual chosen shade name and not just an item number.

-Font sizes and packaging sizes may be bigger or smaller compared to real packaging.

-Check the color shades! The color of the fakes may be different from the real ones.

Be safe and smart when you spend your money. Check reviews, check name labels, and check pictures.

Otherwise, you could end up with literal shit all over your face.



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