Dodge “Holiday Weight” Like a Pro

Guide to Holiday Indulgence and Gains

By Robert LaRosa

Summer has been over for a while and you’re proud of all the work you put into that summer body. Some of you trained for those days on the beach when you got to show off your body and others trained because fitness is a lifestyle. Either way, you’re still training because you have a goal to achieve.

With the holiday season on its way most people see this as the time to pig out and gain weight. If you’re bulking up and trying to put on some pounds, like myself, this is the perfect time for you to get those gains you’ve been chasing.

However, not everyone is trying to bulk up. According to, the CIA has listed the United States as the thirteenth fattest nation in the world out of 188 others.

You can’t control the rest of the country when it comes to obesity, but you can control how you live your life and whether or not you fall into the category of unhealthy lifestyles.

As cliche as it sounds, there is only one word that really matters when it comes to fitness. That word is “discipline.” No matter what you’re trying to do, discipline is crucial to success.

Let’s say you’re overweight and you want to trim down your body fat. The holidays seem like a giant obstacle you have to hurdle because, well, it is. But with discipline you can make it through the season and focus on your fitness without taking any steps back.

Something that goes a long way is counting calories before you eat. Make sure you get just enough calories in your meals to maintain your goal.

Some people believe starving yourself will get your weight down. Technically, this is true. Your weight will go down, but you will put yourself at risk. You will be deprived of very important nutrients that you need to survive. You’ll lose muscle mass and your body retains fat because it’s going into shock and it reduces thyroid hormones.

Bottom-line is never starve yourself, losing weight comes with discipline, calorie counting and proportioning your meals along with well trained exercise goes a long way. Losing weight is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult as it’s stereotyped.

On the flip side of weight loss, those trying to gain weight should note that this doesn’t mean that you should eat every morsel in sight. Like those trying to lose weight, you need to count your calories as well. Keep in mind that your calorie count will need to be much larger in order to fulfill your body’s needs. Distinguish the healthy fats from the bad fats, make sure you get enough of a balanced meal ranging from grains, proteins, dairy products, veggies and fruits.

Look, nobody can eat perfectly every single day because life, school, work, and relationships, all get in the way and that’s understandable. However, the holidays aren’t like any other time of year because everything is done in excess.

A few cheat meals here and there aren’t going to hurt you as long as the next time around you eat healthier and take some time to get a little exercise.

This process should be all about balance. Don’t procrastinate when deep down, you really want to change.

Don’t let someone else affect the way your body is because it doesn’t fit their standards. You’ll have this body for your entire life, so maintain it the best you can.

Whether you are dealing with the holidays or life in general, always have a strong sense of discipline. This will take you a long way.

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