Sparkle & Shine with Sequins this New Year’s Eve

Meet Your Metallic Matches

By Lucia Rossi

Nothing says, “Come at me 2016”, like wearing glitter and partying all night long.  Get into the New Year with a bang in a rockin’ outfit you didn’t know you could pull off.

With a new year comes change. So, be bold this holiday and shine brighter than the ball that drops at midnight.


Typically, New Year’s Eve is the best time to wear fitting and glittery clothing. Notice how I said ‘fitting’ and not ‘tight’. The difference being that something tight doesn’t actually fit you, but something ‘fitting’ does. Women may feel intimidated by the glitz, glamour and skin exposure, because it may all seem loud and gaudy. This can be adjusted to your preference and comfortability. You can get away with wearing a lot of glitter and sequins this holiday if done the right way.


Your outfit also depends on what occasion you’re dressing up for too. If you really want to go bold and look festive, then go for an all over sequined dress. It’s a classic for this occasion. Choose a fun neckline like a strapless sweetheart, crisscross straps, a one shoulder, or a more conservative scoop neck. Go backless if you don’t like exposing your chest.


Actually, think about covering up in general since it may be chilly outside as well. Consider wearing a wrap, shawl, peacoat, or blazer.

Don’t forget about your legs! Since the weather may not call for bare skin, be sure to have a pair of nude nylon tights on hand. If you want to be more fashionable, go for colored, patterned, or textured tights. Black is usually ideal. This can go with a dress, skirt, or shorts.

If a full sequined dress is too much for you, tone it down by wearing a sequined skirt or shorts. Choose a length you are comfortable with and pair it with a plain tank top, crop top, button-down, or collared shirt.

You can achieve the same look in reverse as well with a sequined top and a plain black skirt, shorts, or slacks.

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New Year’s Eve fashion is all about the metals. Think gold or silver paired with white or black to keep it simple. Although you could probably get away with wearing Christmas colors and still be able to pull it off for this holiday too. It’s all about what you’re happy with. If you want to really break the rules, wear both silver and gold. Stick to one theme though and one pattern if possible.


Don’t forget to match your metals with the appropriate accessories! Pick your jewelry, bag, shoes, and belt (if applicable) according to their metal accents. This is a great time to get glamorous with large stunning jewelry statement. Pick either your earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring to stand out above the rest. Your accessories are especially important if you’re choosing to wear something on the plainer side.

Which brings me to my next point. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a simple little black dress. It’s classy, cute, and appropriate for all occasions.

If you love being casual and comfy, but still want to be fun and festive, try wearing metallic pants or jeans. If your bottoms have a metallic pattern, it’s less intense but still gives off the same wow factor as sequins and sparkles.


Let’s talk shoes. If you can wear shoes that are a metallic gold or silver with studs, glitter, or sequins, that’s great. If not, wear shoes you know your feet can handle for a few hours. If you want to go bold, wear a pump covered in glitter. Anything with straps along the ankles are always a fab way to make feet sexy.


You could also choose the safer option of smaller heels, platforms, wedges, or boots. These options may be more favorable if you plan on dancing. If you know you’ll be getting wasted, bring along or opt in for a pair of stylish flats instead. Pick a pair that are a plain black or covered in sparkles, then you’ll be cool and confident in comfort.

No New Year’s Eve look is complete without painted nails and dramatic makeup. Paint on glitter accent nails to match your ensemble, or all of them if you love glam.


There are so many makeup looks you can create this holiday. If you plan on drinking and possibly passing out, try to be smart about it so your skin doesn’t break out after. Apply a light layer of face makeup in case you sleep in it. I’m talking about just using either a BB cream or concealer. Then add a touch of blush for a bit of color.

Luckily, your eyes should be able to handle more drama through the night with a glittered or metallic eyeshadow accompanied by gel eyeliner and waterproof mascara. Use waterproof formulas so the makeup causes minimal damage to your under eyes the next morning. Setting spray is definitely a must in this situation to help make your face budge-proof.


Although a metallic or glittered lip would be really exciting and interesting to try, there’s nothing wrong with the classic red lips for the holiday. Wear a long-lasting matte shade for this occasion and be prepared for dry lips by bringing lip balm. Bring makeup remover wipes with you for a quick clean up if you can, your skin will thank you.


There are so many looks you can try. There’s a new year coming, so don’t be afraid to make a change towards the new you. Be comfortable, be confident, and hopeful for the future. Happy New Year!




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