Must Have MAC Makeup for Amateurs

Build Your Starter Kit from the Bottom to the Top

By Lucia Rossi

What better way to spend that Christmas cash and gift cards than on one of the most prestigious and desired makeup brand, MAC.


Usually, I bypass those intimidating black displays because of the price and lack of experience with the brand, but Santa blessed me with the chance to start creating my first collection. I didn’t want a penny to go to waste so I did some digging on what are the best and most sought-after products that would be the most beneficial, long-lasting, and give the highest quality to myself and my makeup clients.

After much review, I decided to steer away from most face products because it seems to be both loved and hated on the internet. Some say their foundations were cakey and caused acne breakouts while others saw it as a savior for hiding imperfections. Results were also hit or miss with mascaras as well. Every person is different so anything involving your skin needs to be tested properly.

There are two face products that I gave into and many others do as well. I’m talking about the MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Finishing Mist ($22) and the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer ($21).

MAC’s Fix+ spray is no joke. It helps to make you face feel fresh, creates a smooth non-cakey foundation application, and helps to make your makeup budgeproof as well as give you a dewy finish. You can even spray your brush before applying a product to make the color more opaque, and to give it a more long-lasting and natural effect.


I’ve seen so many beauty gurus on YouTube use MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer ($21) for covering up blemishes or for contouring. You could even mix it with a moisturizer and create your own BB cream or foundation. The formula for this product is lightweight, long-lasting, gives medium to full coverage, and has a natural matte finish. It comes in 15 different shades, although the most purchased are NC25 and NC30. You should always ask a MAC associate for assistance in helping you find your color match.


MAC’s Paint Pot ($22) may be my favorite on the list for its versatility, blendability, and strength. It’s so hard to find a good eyeshadow primer these days. After relying on Urban Decay’s Primer Potion for years, I have finally moved on. The paint pot however is actually meant to be a cream eyeshadow but ends up being an awesome primer because the cream acts as a concealer that covers veins and darkness, it doesn’t crease on the lids, eyeshadows are easily blended over it and it makes your eye look last for hours. The most popular shades are Soft Ochre and Painterly which go great with fair skin types.


You can get a cat-eye that’s on point with MAC’s Fluidline in the chade Blacktrack ($16.50). This gel liner can be applied easily with a small thin precision brush for simple dip and stroke action. It’s waterproof, smudgeproof, and comes in many inviting colors and finishes. It can even be used on the brows or as an eyeshadow if you’re in a bind.


If eye pencils are more of your thing, try MAC’s Eye Kohl ($16.50) in the shades, Teddy or Smolder.

If you your eyebrows on fleek and want a change from your usual Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, then look no further than MAC’s ‘Eye Brows’ Brow Definer ($16.50) in their most trendy shade, Spiked. Bold out your brows with filled-in arches made with hair-like strokes. It’s self-sharpening so no sharpener is needed.


Since the summer, makeup lovers everywhere have been all about strobing, or just highlighting. While I was considering adding MAC’s Strobe Cream ($33) to the list because of its potency against dull skin, many complained that it caused acne if used too often. So it was cut. One product that you can depend on as a highlighter would be the classic, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ($32) in its most favored shade, Soft & Gentle. This soft and slow-baked powder gives your skin a radiant glow without looking too sparkly.


Let’s talk lips. Many have praised MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip ($16.50) for hydrating and protecting their lips from MAC lipsticks that tend to be drying. This product minimizes feathering and conditions the lips so products can go on and stay on comfortably. It’s a solid twist-up that should set for a little while before applying lip color.


MAC lipsticks ($17) are notorious. Especially their most celebrated red shade, Ruby Woo. This is an iconic shade that is MAC’s number one best-seller. If you would rather have nude lips, go for the shades Crème D’Nude or Myth. If you want the Kylie Jenner mauve lips, try Velvet Teddy or Whirl. If you want lipsticks with more bang, there’s the bright pink Candy Yum-Yum, the bold purple Heroine, or the dark burgundy Diva.


You can pair up your favorite shade with their lip liner counterpart or mix it up. MAC’s most highly recommended lip pencil ($16.50) is in the shade Spice. If you’re more of a lip gloss girl, then go for MAC’s Tinted Lipglass ($15) in the shade Nymphette, their most beloved color.


If you really love makeup and want to step up your quality game, then there’s no better place to start then here. I’m not just saying you should buy all of these products just because everyone else did, but also look for the reasons why they purchased them and experiment with those standards when applying it to what you like. Think of this as inspiration for what clients typically like on themselves as well. MAC is not a brand you have this one-night stand haul and you’re done. It’s too expensive for that.  This is a brand you take in small doses in your long beautiful relationship. It’s a process that progresses with time, and we all have to start somewhere.



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