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20 Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

Sexy Eyes That Will Make or Beak Hearts

By Lucia Rossi

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Get ready to give that “come hither” look with just a blink of your eyes. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day, you should take some time to show yourself some love by going beyond your comfort zone with these edgy and fun makeup looks.

These looks should accommodate all different kinds of Valentine’s Day themed outfits, skin tones, eye shapes, and styles, whether you’re simple and quiet, or loud and bold. Get some inspiration, get in a romantic mood and let these amazing beauties be your guide.

I’ll start with the brown looks since that is what most people tend to feel most comfortable with and gravitate towards daily.

Brown 1

Aurora Makeup looks are absolutely a fabulous choice and always on point. This look is a totally glammed up brown smoky eye, but is subtle enough to not be too strong. She used a skin tone shade below her brow, a matte mocha shade along her crease, a white shadow in her inner corner and inner lid, and a matte black along her outer v with a sharp crease line. Then she dabbed on a light layer of white sparkle over the white shadow and blended into the middle of her lid. Although it’s a bit hard to tell, she swiped a bit of the white shade beneath her eyes, and then used a black eyeliner on her waterline and lower lash line. She applied her liquid eyeliner thinly with no wing. Then, she finished off the look with false lashes and a peach toned nude lip.

Brown 2

Aurora Makeup also did the second look which has a perfect balance of intensity and glam. First she covered her lid with a skin tones shade. Then she blended a dark brown, or black shade, in a circular motion that goes right into the outer v and not out towards the end of the brow. She kept her lid bare, but laid on a thick line of gel or liquid liner with a touch of gold glitter under the wing as well as in the inner corner.  She covered her waterline and lower lash line with a brown taupe eyeliner, and finished the look with mascara and lashes.

Brown 3

This fab look is definitely not for those who are afraid to sparkle and shine. This look done by Makeup by Cari, shows a matte brown smoky eye with gold glitter and matte pink lips. According to Beautytipsntricks, she used the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Maya Mia Palette’ and topped it with Lime Crime’s glitter in ‘Leo’. She created her thick eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Dark Brown’ with brow powder on top. She also chose to use a liquid matte lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills in ‘Baby Pink’.

Brown 4

This look also done by Aurora Makeup uses a blend of pink and brown tones. According to Beautytipsntricks, she used the Too Faced Cosmetics ‘Semi-sweet Chocolate Bar Palette’ for her brown shades, then topped her lid with Inglot’s pigment in No. 86 for that glitter pink. Although along her lid her black liner is thin, it is much thicker and smoked out on her lower lash line that is completed with a blended wing. For this, she used Tarte Cosmetics Skinny SmolderEYES liner in ‘Onyx’. She also used House of Lashes falsies in ‘Noir Fairy’. Aurora’s lips are lined with an OCC Colour Pencil in ‘Trick’ and OCC matte Lip Tar in ‘Lament’.

Brown 5

Romyglambeauty, or Romina Michelle, did this great pictorial of this red-toned brown eye look that’s perfect for beginners. She put scotch tape on the edge of eye to create a clean crease, and covered her lid in a slightly darker-than-her-skin-tone shade. Then, she gradually blended an even darker brown shade on her crease and dabbed in a metallic rust shade on her lid and blended it. She did a smoky liner with a dark black shadow, and applied the same shade to her waterline. She then blended it a bit into the lower lash line and topped the look with some falsies.

Brown 6

Makeup by Cari did this natural but intensely romantic look. She once again used the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Maya Mia Palette’ with a Sephora pressed eyeshadow pigment in ‘Good as Gold’ and NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow in ‘Cream Cheese’, according to Beautytipsntricks. She used both a gel liner and liquid liner, Morphe Brushes gel liner in ‘Black’ and Eyeko liquid liner in ‘Eye Do’. She then got those beautiful matte red lips using Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in ‘Bloodline’.

Brown 7

This makeup look, although I don’t know who it is by, is the most universal, classic, and simple look. It’s simply a light blend of a brown shade in the crease with a very light beige shadow on the lid with an on fleek cat eye. Just add mascara on the lashes and a glossy red lip to complete the look.

Pink 1

Now, let’s get on to the pink looks! Linda Hallberg’s makeup photos are all over Pinterest. She always does these simple yet dramatic looks. Here, she put a light brown shade to create some shape and then placed this gorgeous, light pink, metallic eyeshadow all over the lid with a cute heart accent below the brow. Add a thick clean wing with falsies and you’re ready to go. This look is also beginner friendly.

Pink 2

This look by Surgerymakeup shows you step by step how to get this pretty shimmery pink look.

Pink 3

If you love sparkle but don’t want a dark smoky eye, then this look by Tammy Hope Jansky might be for you. Beautytipsntricks says that Tammy used Sigma’s Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette. It looks like she took a light mauve tone in her crease, a baby pink shade in her inner corner, a bright pink in her outer v, and topped the middle of the lid and lower lash line with a yellow gold shimmery shadow. She used Sigma’s gel liner in ‘Wicked’ for her wing with Sweetheart Lashes in ‘Tease’. For her lips, she used Motives Cosmetics lip liner in ‘Dusty Rose’ and All Day Liquid Lipstick in ‘Sultry’.

Pink 4

This look by Ely Marino is not so beginner friendly because you create a cut crease. The way to do this is to draw a thin line along the lid with an eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow, then blend in only upward strokes. You can then apply a lid shade and clean up the crease to be seamless. Here, Ely chose a pale pink matte color but added some silver glitter in the inner corner.

Pink 5

Rfadai, or Roya Fadai, created this look which is similar to the previous but is more intense with a darker, deep crease, an added glittery factor, and a brighter, more metallic pink lid.

Pink 6

The Amazing World of J, or Janine, created this super fun pink glitter look. She tends to use a lot of Motives Cosmetics so, that is most likely what she used here. She used a light brown shade in her crease with a very light pink shade on her lid. She probably used some sort of light adhesive or spray to make the glitter stick. She also applied a few gems to her inner and outer corners. The she finished off the look with a very light pink lip.

Purple 1

Pink may not be for everyone, so some people may prefer purple instead. Here, Chrisspy has this great pictorial that shows a smoky look with a variety of purple shades.

Purple 2

This glam burgundy colored look by Virginia Alanis really pops with that glittered eyeliner. Here’s a list of what eyeshadows were used: Beauty Bar Baby shadows in ‘Spoiled’, ‘Red Velvet’, ‘Fools Gold’, and ‘Glitter Fantasy’. MAC’s shadows, ‘Omega’ and “soft Ochre’ and Milani Cosmetics’ gel powder in ‘Bella White’ and ‘Bella Black’. She used NYX Cosmetics lipstick in ‘Pinky’ and Milani Cosmetics lipstick in ‘Matte Glam’ as well.

Purple 3

Land of Makeup has such inspiring pictures on their Instagram for looks; I loved this one because of the use of both hot pink and purple.

Purple 4

If you love a dark plum smoked-out look, then look no further. MakeupBy_Ev2 has got you. According to her Instagram, she used: Makeup Geek eyeshadows in ‘Peach Smoothie’, and ‘Corrupt’, Urban Decay’s eyeshadow in ‘Zephyr’ as well as her Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Amrezy Palette’ and Lorac Cosmetics ‘Pro 2 Palette’. She used Motives Cosmetics gel liner in ‘Little Black Dress’ with Lena Lashes in ‘Noemi’.  She then completed the look with nude lips by using Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Lipsticks in ‘Melted Nude’.

Red 1

So, these last few looks may not be for everyone but Valentine’s Day calls for the color of utter passion, red. Looks like this would look sultry with a black and red ensemble. This pictorial is by Izabella Maka Make Up, who makes it nice and easy.

Red 2

For a look that’s less red, smokier, and has a hint of sparkle, try MakeupBy_Ev21’s version.

Red 3

Lastly, Linda Hallberg shows off this seductive vampire-like wine red look simply by blending one shade across her lids with matching dark lips.

Perfect lips

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can expect that there might be kissing involved. Make your pout perfect and irresistible with this helpful lip pic.

If you plan on getting some major lip action, be sure to use a formula that is super long-lasting or can come off in a simple swipe if you need your lips bare. I would suggest a high quality liquid lipstick or just a tinted lip balm.

I hope you feel the love this holiday!

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