NYPD Searching for Suspect on Campus, Shuttle Service May Experience Delays

By Clifford Michel

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that ferry shuttle service was temporally suspended. That report was incorrect. Ferry shuttle service may be experiencing delays due to the NYPD manhunt, not cancelled.

The College of Staten Island will feel a police presence throughout the day and will temporarily experience delays in shuttle service to the Staten Island ferry due to an NYPD investigation of a stabbing near the campus.

A photo of Michaek Sykes released by the NYPD via NY1

A photo of Michael Sykes released by the NYPD via NY1

Robert Wilson, CSI’s Director of Public Safety, sent out a letter to the College community on Monday shortly after noon, stating that NYPD officers may be on campus for an extended period of time and providing a description of the alleged assailant.

“We have been alerted by the NYPD that a crime was committed off campus near Willowbrook Road and Gannon Avenue North,” Wilson wrote. “ A tall thin dark skinned male wearing a blood-stained light brown jacket is being sought in connection with the incident. As part of the investigation, NYPD vehicles may be on or driving through the campus.

“Buses going to the St. George Ferry are being stopped, which may cause a delay in the College’s Ferry Shuttle,” the note continued.

From 12:00pm to 12:30pm helicopters were heard around the campus.

CSI ferry shuttle service is currently suspended.

CSI ferry shuttle service may currently experience delays via the Hechinger Report

The alleged assailant is 23-year-old Michael Sykes. Police believe that Sykes stabbed a woman to death and wounded her three children, who are currently in critical condition, at the Ramada Inn, a small hotel in Willowbrook.



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