CSI Bans So-Called “Hoverboards”

College Official cites safety as primary reason for devices being barred

By Clifford Michel

The College of Staten Island has officially banned “hoverboards” from its 204 acre campus.

Director of the Office of Public Safety, Robert Wilson, alerted the College community of the new policy on January 25, shortly before the beginning of the spring semester.

Wilson cited safety concerns as the reason for the ban.

“Due to safety concerns regarding fire safety and operator safety, effective immediately Hoverboards are not permitted anywhere on the College of Staten Island Campus, including Dolphin Cove,” Wilson wrote.

“The term Hoverboards includes, but is not limited to self-balancing scooters, battery operated scooters, hands-free Segways and electric powered skateboards,” the email continued. “Additionally, New York State Law prohibits motorized scooters from riding on streets and sidewalks.”

Hoverboards have become infamous for spontaneously combusting, often due to overheating and poor manufacturing, and the ease to which riders often fall off from the devices.

After gaining popularity over the summer and this past holiday season, hoverboards have become the ire of municipalities and pedestrians.

They are technically already illegal in New York City.

The MTA officially banned hoverboards last month and plans to launch an ad campaign in an attempt to persuade riders to leave their device at home.

“There have been reports of exploding batteries, and certainly you don’t want anything like that in a crowded subway car or a train,” Fernando Ferrer, the vice chairman of the MTA’s board, told reporters in January.

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