How I Fell in Love with My Fitbit, and Never Looked Backed

The Newest Wave in Fitness Ran it’s Way Through my Heart

By Mariah Metzger

It was Christmas morning. I opened my presents not expecting much, maybe a few shirts, some jeans and socks. However, when I opened up my new Fitbit charge, I was ecstatic.

I had wanted one for months, and now my time had finally come. I was on my way to a fitness revolution.

Fitbit is a simple performance tracker in the form on a wrist watch. It logs your activity throughout the day.

It takes note of the steps you’ve taken, how many flights/inclines were walked, how many calories burned, and what your total distance in miles was for the day.

You can wear it to bed, set alarms, log sleep, and  record your food and water intake.

I was instantly committed. I started to wear it everyday, even after I sprained my ankle and couldn’t walk for two weeks.

We would go for long walks, and get to bed early together. I was beginning to think it was true love.

It is a great device for less experienced people trying to be health conscious. There are more complicated fitness trackers out there, such as Garmin, Jawbone, etc. Fitbit is so much simpler. A tap on the screen automatically pulls up the number of your steps and it vibrates when you hit your goal.

It wirelessly syncs with your phone, so you can view in depth graphs of data you’re racking up. It’s like the Apple of fitness software. Even with the release of the Apple watch last year, most people are still investing in purchasing their own Fitbit tracker.

IDC’s Worldwide Wearable Quarterly Device Tracker report shows that Apple has made its wearable tech debut in the number two sales spot, capturing nearly 20% of the market share, while Fitbit remains in the lead with 24.3%, according to Wareable online.

There are a lot of things this tracker does not have that some others in the market do. The one I own does not have a heart rate tracker. It does not have a large range of “exercise activities” to log.

For instance, the Fitbit won’t let you log in hot yoga. It has to be under regular yoga, which may not amount to the same calorie count.

You can’t charge it more than about 2-3 hours, or else you kill it’s internal battery. It’ll die all the time if you over-charge it. It also does not have GPS, which other wrist fitness trackers do.

There are several types of Fitbits on the market. There are the everyday trackers, which are the Zip, One, Flex, Charge, and the new Alta. The Zip is solely an activity tracker, while the one is an activity and sleep tracker.

The Flex is also an activity and sleep tracker, but can be worn in multi-changing wristbands.

There’s a variety of colors and styles for the Flex and you can buy the wristbands separately.

The Charge, the one I own, has the same function as the Flex except it shows you current stats on the actual tracker. At the flick of your wrist you can see time, how many steps taken, and more.

It syncs through bluetooth, so it can even alert you about incoming calls.

These ones are not interchangeable unfortunately, so commit to a neutral color like black or grey. They also make the Charge HR, which is a version that is able to tell you your heart rate. It is a bit more expensive than the regular Charge.

For those fitness gurus who are looking for a more intense performance tracker, you could try the Fitbit Blaze or the Fitbit Surge.

Both have the functions of the Charge and more. They have the aesthetic of more of a smartwatch than a fitness tracker.

I’ve had my Fitbit for roughly two months. I still have not seen any results, but I remain hopeful. Sometimes, I have my off days, and decide to eat Wendy’s instead of log my food, or I just forget to bring the charger with me and it dies.

I definitely have become more active since I got it. I find myself going for more walks to make my goals, or taking the stairs rather than an escalator. I just recently started going to the gym again.

There are some desperate times late at night where I find myself jogging in place in front of my television trying to get those last 400 steps in before midnight, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

It’s not a perfect relationship but it doesn’t make my love any less real.

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