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Rae Morris Shares Beauty Secrets at IMATS New York

Published Makeup Artist Tells All

By Lucia Rossi

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As a keynote speaker at New York’s International Makeup Artists Trade Show, world renowned celebrity makeup artist and author, Rae Morris, brought her A-game to the stage where she promoted the global launch of her 6th book Makeup Masterclass, spilled the beans on creating the illusion of younger skin, and answered questions from the audience.

On Saturday April 9, Rae Morris revealed her new, over 400 page, $50 beauty bible which tells you everything from step-by-step demonstrations, face and color charts, working with different eye shapes and skin types, to top celebrity models.


Still not impressed with her? She worked with fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire and directed over 100 fashion shows. She also created her own makeup brush line, worked as makeup director for L’Oréal Paris Australia for over a decade, and is dyslexic but wrote six books. If that is not a beauty hero, then I don’t know what is.

If you want to be a self-taught artist like her, who better to get advice from than the champ of the industry, especially with a beauty book as large as this one. Although the book itself is pricey, the iPad and iPhone versions are much more affordable at $15 or $5. She chose an Australian model for the cover of her book because she claimed, “I’m very passionate about multiculturalism in fashion.”


At IMATS, she spent some time talking about how her career started just by her applying lip gloss to Naomi Campbell’s lips. From that moment on, she learned things here and there along the way, while going deeper into the industry.

“I’m known as the crazy, strong, makeup artist,” she said with confidence. “I don’t ever have a plan. I think that’s what really helps me.” Morris is the type of artist that believes that the best things happen on their own, things that are spur of the moment are beautiful and this happens with the help of the models and photographer. You never know what will happen that will ultimately be inspiring.


The various makeup looks in her portfolio on the website are inspiring, unique, and diverse. She displayed some of those pictures at IMATS and explained how she got them to look the way they did. “If you keep things beautiful and pretty, you have a better chance of getting published,” she advised the audience. She also warned that if you do editorials, do not expect to be paid much.


Rae Morris taught the audience that beauty and makeup is science. It’s Phi, 1.618, the Golden Number, it’s the Fibonacci sequence. Beauty is literally just math! At least it is in our eyes when we see it. The Phi design is hidden in all kinds of photographs and paintings. According to Morris, “it’s deeper than just symmetry.” Did you know Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe have phi measurements? Morris has been working with plastic surgeons who are making discoveries and progress because of phi and the Fibonacci sequence.


Morris then got into her tips & tricks as an artist. She always likes to exfoliate her client’s skins first; she actually uses baking soda to exfoliate.

“I never use powder,” she said. Morris believes that clients look best with dewy skin that is kept light with foundation and concealer. However, powder is great for women with wrinkles because it helps to hide them.

Morris dared the audience to try doing their makeup starting with the lower lash line first instead of the lid, she said it could change the whole look.


If a makeup client is older in age, it is helpful to create looks that are straight across the lid, so that it doesn’t look droopy. She would also never use anything shimmery on anyone with wrinkles. The secret to looking young is not in making things bigger, but in making them smaller in length, meaning lips and eyebrows. Straightened, shorter, brows look younger as well as shortened smaller lips, according to Morris. You should also draw your brows according to how wide you want the bridge of your nose to be.

“Bronzer is the most aging product,” Morris explained. She’s aware of how women in America love bronzer but advises they should be careful that they don’t go too dark so they don’t age themselves.


If you have an issue with puffy, baggy, dark eyes, don’t conceal it with a lighter-than-skin tone shade, cover it with a slightly darker shade to counteract it so you don’t illuminate it.

If you want to do your makeup, but your skin broke out with acne, Rae Morris’ quick fix is anti-red eye drops because it has anti-inflammatory properties.


Lastly, Rae Morris’ trick for perfect false lashes is taking eyelashes strips and cutting them into three pieces. Now, throw out the middle piece so you’re only left with the opening and ending pieces. In the middle of the lid, only apply small individual lashes. It gives you the perfect flirty lashes that Morris swears by.

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