Everyone Should Say “Yes, Please” to Amy Poehler’s Biography

Comedian and Actress is Hilarious and Honest in Her Best Selling Biography

By Briana DelBuono

Amy Poehler details her entire life and career from her childhood, to making it in the improvisation world all the way up to having her kids in her book, Yes, Please.

After growing up in Boston, Massachussets and graduating college, she moved to Chicago where she joined Chicago’s Second City and Improv Olympic and fell in love with standup.

She later describes her move to New York to pursue a comedy troupe called the Upright Citizens Brigade. Much of her twenties were spent trying to establish a standing in the comedic world.

She didn’t break through until she got on Saturday Night Live in 2001, right after the devastating World Trade Center terrorist attack.

“It was a tough time to join the show,” she wrote. “It felt like America might not ever smile, never mind laugh, again.”

Poehler is brave in her book and in her life. She admits that writing books is hard and that she doesn’t know why she agreed to do so.

She even details her weaknesses like insecurities that she has grown to deal with, and being a bad sleeper.

“Sleep and I do not have a good relationship,” she said. She then tells us that she has tried absolutely every remedy to correct this, but she eventually just accepts that she is bad at it.

This funny and at times sentimental book, will have you laughing and crying within the same chapter. (Yes, this happened to me).

Having been around the block in her 45 years on this earth, and a mother of two, she offers great advice in all aspects, even the sexual department.

“Try not to fake it,” she said in a chapter called My World Famous Sex Advice. “Just remember to allow yourself real pleasure and not worry about how long it takes.”

She also jokes about how she thinks technology is taking over the world. “My phone is trying to kill me,” she said in a chapter called The Robots Will Kill Us All. “It is a battery-charged rectangle of disappointment and possibility.”

Being the comedian that she is, she jokes about serious aspects of life as a way of coping and getting through it.

She becomes more somber when she describes her failed marriage to Will Arnett and explained how they had children together, that she is proud of him, and glad that he is their father but wouldn’t elaborate further because she is still upset over the divorce.

Poehler expresses gratitude for her relationship with both her parents and Tina Fey who seems to be her best friend both on and off screen.

“People think of us as a ‘comedy team’ and I am not quick to correct them,” she said. “Why wouldn’t I want to connect myself with to the fiercest and most talented voice in the comedy world?”

Her presence on Parks and Recreation is a huge and delightful one.

She brings positivity and hope to the role of Leslie Knope and she talks about it as one of the best roles that she ever got to play.

“I get to be the lead on a show I would actually watch,” she said. “I am allowed on a weekly basis to both crack jokes and cry.”

The book even has filler pages including hilarious lists and bullet points and blank pages where you can even fill in your own personal birthing story, as she has detailed hers on previous pages.

Overall, Poehler is wise, honest, and has great advice worth noting.

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