Close the Door to People Who Only Want to Lock You in on Their Misery

What’s Better, Having 4 Quarters or 100 Pennies?

By Robert LaRosa

You walk in a room full of your “friends” and not one of them has gotten up to ask you how your new job was, or how you’re doing in school.

They all know you finally got free of that god forsaken horrible job as a maintenance clerk at Chuckee E Cheese. They know you finally got that Michael Kors job you always dreamed of having.

They all know you’re making it through the home stretch of your last semester in college. Not one of them asked you anything about your personal life. The only thing they asked you was to pass the blunt while sipping on their Coronas. The feeling of loneliness creeps up on you as you’re surrounded by numerous bodies.

Speaking of bodies, that is practically what you are to them. You’re just a body. You’re just another person to “hang with” or “chill with”.  They don’t care about you, so why do you still stick around and stay friends with these people? Are you only friends with these people because you see them five times a week at school or are you friends with them just to have more friends?

“It’s better to cut off and forget about the ones who forgot about you,” said Lauren Rosen. “Why waste all your time and energy into someone who doesn’t do the same for you?”

Some people don’t realize their “friends” are just their acquaintances.

They don’t want to accept reality of what these people truly are to them, until someone knocks on their forehead and says, “Hello! Wake up!” It’s better to just walk away, knowing you’re more than just a, “Yo, you tryna smoke a fatty and share a 36 pack of Corona tonight?” instead of talking about each others dreams and desires.

It’s okay to be alone. It’s okay to surround yourself with just you instead of fake friends. Just because your “friends” are constantly available at any place, any time, any day, this doesn’t mean you have to stick around.

It’s okay to be who you are, and it’s okay to not get dragged down to their level of misery. Be your own self. No one else can do it better than you.

The more time you spend alone and develop and grow as your own person, instead of developing as a group of fake friends, then that’s when you can depict the good from the bad. The real from the fake.

“I learned to grow when I learned that I only need me, myself and I,” said Victoria Maggio. “The only person I need in the world is myself and not some fake a** friends to just share a drink with.”

What’s your goals? What’s your plan after college, or just a plan for the rest of your life?

You sure know you can not talk about these things with these so-called friends, who your only common interest is weed and beer.

Grow up and learn to grow. Void off the negativity in your life from the people who surround yourself with constant darkness that follows you more than your own shadow.

Maybe the sunshine will push you out of your comfort zone by escaping the demons you call your “friends”.

“Ever since I threw my “friends” to the dumpsters, everything around me is positive,” said Rosen. “I no longer feel a constant dark cloud over my shoulders, I feel free, I can finally breathe again.

It’s okay to be by yourself. Especially when you know, deep down, yourself is the only one you have.

Being yourself is probably the best thing you could possibly do and your real friends should respect and embrace that.

The fake friends clouding up your life will be very intimidated by that. Intimated that you finally took back control of your life while they still have zero control over their own lives. They see that you’re moving up in the world while they’re still straggling along below you.

At the end of the day, it is what it is. Fake friends will come and go but as along as you stay true to yourself and remain that way, fake friends will be hard to come by.

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