Millennials May be Understanding, But a Sense of Responsibility is Needed

How the Misunderstood Concept of  the Ubermensch Can Help Our Generation

By Kenny Velez

Instead of living by society’s rules and traditions, people should evaluate them and decide if they’re worth following. The average man is the sheep, and the Ubermensch is the shepherd.

Millennials above all should take heed of the concept of the Ubermensch. Millennials are the type to never respect their seniors unless they respect them, and never do things because it’s tradition or because their parents did it.

The Ubermensch is a concept created by Friedrich Nietzche in his book “Also Sprach Zarathustra.”

The German prefix uber has connotations such as superiority, transcendence, excessiveness, and intensity, according to the “The Occult History of the Third Reich.”

Mensch refers to members of the human species.

According to a scholarly article published by Stanford University titled “Nietzche’s idea of an overman and life from his point of view” the ubermensch refers to one willing to risk it all for humanity.

Since World War II, however, the term has developed a negative reputation. One person who liked the concept was Adolf Hitler.

The word Ubermensch came to represent Hitler’s idea of the superior man, an ideal member of the Aryan race: blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Along with the Swastika, it has become associated with the atrocities of Nazi Germany.

In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness of (among other things): the LGBT community, depression, and mental disorders. And leading the charge are millennials.

Men and women have to live up to certain standards in order to be considered a “man” and a “woman” in society. According to “Why Bottling Up Emotions is Central to Masculinity” on Psychology Today, for men, they have to be the strong, silent type.

And for women, they have to be feminine and have an unrealistic hourglass shaped body while also not being a burden to their boyfriends and husbands.

Many people develop depression, mental illness, and anxiety over these things.

This is where the Ubermensch concept comes in. Not Adolf Hitler’s version of the superior man, the original Friedrich Nietzche concept.

They show the way to the unthinking masses with no predetermined values. In fact, the Ubermensch wants to be remembered long after their death, so their impact can be felt on the world and on history.

However, there are some people out there who do not want to follow the Ubermensch concept.

One reason being that most people just want to be comfortable and not leave the established path that society gave them.

This is a sign of conformity.

And even then, they are afraid of the unknown and where it may lead. Will it lead to success and what they want? Or will it lead to failure and ostracism?

Even then, most people will never chase their dreams and will be content workimg a 9-5 to provide for themselves and their families. This is not a bad thing, if that is what they want.

The Ubermensch lifestyle is not for everyone. People value different things. For example, one Ubermensch can be different from another Ubermensch.

The unthinking masses are necessary in order for any society to thrive.

Some people are happy with the life that society paved for them, while others are displeased with the hand that fate dealt them.

The only person who can decide which category you fall into is you.

The Ubermensch is a very important concept for this generation.

The only person holding you back is you. Take responsibility for your part in life.

Do not carry grudges on people, because it keeps you trapped, wasting energy on things that are not important.

Work to fix what you can control about yourself.

Stop blaming others, you cannot control their actions. Take action.

People and society only hold you back because you allow them to.

Nothing will ever work out unless you grab a hold of your life.

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