Money Talks: CSI’s Administrators’ Annual Payroll

By The Banner Staff

While Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature may have agreed to fully fund CUNY this year, Cuomo still insists that CUNY find efficiencies and hus staffers have  called its administration “bloated.” Staffers at the Banner decided that the students should have the final say. Take a look at CSI administration’s salary as of 2015:

Fritz, William J., President: $255,000

Reichard, Gary W., Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost: $231,000

Holak, Susan L., Dean of the School of Business: $175,000

Gold, Kenneth, Dean of the School of Education: $140,000

Becker, Maureen, Dean of the School of Health
Sciences: $140,000

Levine, Alfred, Dean of Science and Technology: $165,000

Jones, Wilma, Associate Dean, Chief Librarian: $130,000

Borrero, Jennifer S., Vice President for Student and
Enrollment Services: $175,000

Giordano, Christopher, Assistant VP for Student Services and Dean of Students: $140,000

Persky, Ira, VP for Finance and Administration: $185,000

Serrano, Carlos, Assistant VP for Finance and Budget: $163,000

Brennan, Stephen J., Assistant VP for Campus Planning and Facilities Management: $147,500

Osseiran-Hanna, Khatmeh, VP for Institutional Advancement and External Affairs: $195,000

Kress, Michael, VP for Information Technology and Economic Development, Executive Director of the CUNY High Performance Computing Center: $195,500

Kahn, Patricia, Assistant VP for Technology Systems: $145,000

Iwama, Ken, Deputy to the President, Cheif of Staff: $155,000

Dimitrov, Danielle E., Director of Diversity and
Compliance: $106,071

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