‘Lemonade’ Offers an Inside Look Into an Allusive Artist

Beyonce Surprises Fans With Album Focused on Infidelity

By Claritza Quezada

Beyonce once again has proven that she always has something up her sleeve. This past April, she surprised us with her much -anticipated visual album “Lemonade.”

The 12 track album is not only a complete visual experience but connects us to Beyonce in a raw and deep way.

She engulfs us in the intricacies of her marriage and addresses the rumors regarding Jay Z cheating on her. “Lemonade” is used as a vehicle to show women everywhere that they can be angry and express their feelings, while still being able to overcome them and rise stronger than ever.

The 65–minute film joins us on Beyonce’s journey to overcoming her husband’s infidelity.

Beyonce opens in an empty field where her “Intuition” is telling her that something wrong is going on. “Pray You Catch Me” delves into her insecurities trying to find clues as to why this is happening to her.

During these moments, we see Beyonce as vulnerable as ever. We are then lead into “Denial”. Beyonce is portrayed as Ophelia, the drowning woman from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”. During the lengthy monologue, Beyonce swims and juxtaposes herself into inconvenient positions but unlike Ophelia, Beyonce floats and doesn’t drown under the pressure.

In “Hold Up”, she emerges from the building in a yellow dress swinging a bat ready to combat her cheating, lying husband while singing, “what a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you”.

After these songs, Beyonce spirals out of control handling her emotions of anger and apathy. She has The Weeknd on her track “6 Inch” that solidifies that she is a strong independent woman. She ultimately forgives Jay-Z and features him on her track “Sand Castles”.

There are also cameos by multiple famous black women. Among them are Zendaya, Amanda Stenberg, who played Rue in the Hunger Games films and actress Quvenzhané Wallis.

The most talked about cameo would be Serena Williams who twerked alongside Beyonce during “Sorry”. Williams unapologetically raised her middle finger, waving away and said “Boy, Bye”.

Beyonce’s choice to include these women in her songs is definitely a response to how they’ve been portrayed by the media recently.

Giuliana Rancic, last year criticized Zendaya, during the Oscars for having dreadlocks. Rancic said that Zendaya looked as if “she smelled of weed and patchouli oil.

In addition, Williams a huge tennis player, was also criticized for having a “masculine” body type due to her athleticism.

The film ends with “Formation” which was released earlier this year, a day before the Super Bowl. Here, Beyonce is fully healed, ready to have all her ladies “get into formation.”

Although the album does revolve around Beyonce and her feelings, “Lemonade” also successfully ties the “Black Lives Matter” movement and raises awareness on socio-political problems within the black community.

“Forward”, the shortest track on the album, shows photographs of young men that have been killed. We get a glimpse of Michael Brown’s mom holding his portrait and other mothers showing pictures of their deceased sons.

“Lemonade” is a creative masterpiece. Like any other Beyonce project, it has sparked multiple discussions on social media channels as well as a rise in the use of Jay-Z’s music streaming app “Tidal”. On Saturday, before Lemonade dropped, Tidal wasn’t listed as one of the top apps to download. On Monday, one day after the release, Tidal spiked all the way to the 2nd position.

Fan members of the Bey-Hive desperately look for clues as to whom Jay-Z was cheating on Beyonce with. During “Sorry” there is the lyric “You better call Becky with the good hair.” Fans have taken this line and have concluded that Becky might be Rachel Roy.

Roy is a fashion designer who worked closely with Jay-Z. It is rumored that during the surveillance fight in which Beyonce’s sister Solange is punching and kicking Jay-Z, it had to do with Rachel Roy.

Commentators and fans flocked to Rachel Roy’s Twitter and Instagram and dished out on her. However, the miscommunication also led to Rachael Ray, a TV cook, to receive the short end of the stick for having such a similar name. The television figure had to take extreme measures and deactivate her social media channels until the drama died down.

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