The Top 10 Best Looks from Coachella to Inspire Your Wardrobe

The Festival Brings Different Generations of Style Together While Keeping up with the Latest Trends 

By Sammi Contreas

With Coachella embarking on its 17th year, the Indio music and arts festival kicks off a season of live music, Spring themed sets, and outfits ranging in different styles and trends.

Not only did thousands of people and celebrities attend but over 160 artists performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California throughout the weekends of April 15 and the 22 with tons of different fashion trends to set your eyes upon.

Some of the best outfits of Coachella can be seen all throughout your Instagram or Twitter, with personal styles that reach entirely new heights. You probably liked a post of a model like Gigi Hadid wearing a bedazzled cropped top with a long rainbow skirt. She probably pulled off a way better flower child, knowing it looked good.

This fashion really gives off vibes that could make people want to go on their own adventures, whether it’d be a road trip, summer concert, or even a beach vacation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular outfits that got many people, and celebs, sharing a piece of their wardrobe.

Street Style: You don’t have to be in NYC to channel an authentic punk attitude in your look. At Coachella, there were street chic outfits galore. This style goes for the biggest rips in your jeans, leather skirts and shorts. It’s pretty much anything with black in it, and not to mention the craziest combinations. It’s about standing out in the crowd.

Boho: The Bohemian style is a look that no one can resist, especially this time of year. Dresses, hair clips, tops, bracelets  even pants have this exotic look to it. It’s Czech Republic cultural art work that is very popular and beautiful in the U.S.

Less is better: We all know that with the weather getting warmer it’s about time to start getting some sun. Who can do it better than in California where all they get is nice weather and Coachella? Time to cut off your sleeves and put on some shorts.

The Boomerang Effect: Yes, the 70’s style baggy pants are back. Oh wait, the 80’s leather jackets too. And don’t forget the denim of the 90’s. This festival is all about bringing back blasts from the past.

Coven. Let us thank Stevie Nicks for bringing back our favorite big black hats and sheer lace shawls.

The Off the Shoulder look: Many girls have tops that hang off their shoulders. It can be ruffled, cut, or pulled down into one. It is about showing off those collar bones.

Crop Tops: Crop tops are one of spring’s biggest trends. This particular style hasn’t been popular since the 1990’s and now is taking a serious comeback with many different styles that are very likable to many.

Bralettes: Free the tops, who can do it better than Kendall Jenner with her black laced bralette that she wore during the course of Coachella?

Retro Round Shades: Everyone is wearing these John Lennon shades to get that sophisticated, hipster look.

Bandanas: Men and women all wear them. I mean come on, they’re badass!

Getting outfit-inspo from Coachella will prepare your closet for the heated days of summer to come. Using this guide this summer will guarantee you a kick-ass wardrobe for every graduation party, BBQ and festival in your horizons.

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