How To Find Your Comfort Zone

Sleep, Exercise, and Clean Eating Will Help You Become Your Best Self

By Briana DelBuono

It’s 9 a.m. and you just walked into work. You’re tired and have all types of aches and pains.

You feel a significant urge to sit down, but when you sit, there is no relief.

The entire day plays out like this until 5 p.m. when it’s time to go home. You melt onto your couch and don’t want to be bothered with anything else.

If this is you, read carefully, because your day was over before it even started.

There are many factors that contribute to your general health and wellness as well as  being comfortable with yourself. Your body is a bi-product of all of that.

The stages of comfort is a theory that your body aims to find balance and essentially comfort when you are in various positions — for example: standing, sitting, sleeping, at rest, walking, leaning, running, etc.

It has the ability to find this balance when you fuel it correctly. Clean eating, a healthy diet with a cheat meal once a week, exercise, and sleep all contribute to a comfortable existence. Not only will you achieve a better posture and center of balance, but you will also gain more confidence and feel like a brand new you.

Obesity is closely associated with health problems such as sleep apnea, which is the interruption of your sleeping patterns by the inability to breathe.

It’s also a vicious cycle because the less you sleep, the less likely it is that you’ll make it to the gym the next day.

Coffee is also a beautiful thing if you’re sleep deprived but also a vicious cycle in a similar way. The more caffeine you drink, the less likely it will be for you to go to bed at a decent time, thus leading you to another sleepless night.

“If you habitually experience insomnia and don’t currently exercise,” Dr. Baron said, “start.”

Don’t, however, expect that you will enjoy or even complete workouts the day after a broken night’s sleep, or that you will sleep better hours after you’ve exercised,” said Gretchen Reynolds on the New York Times Wellness Blog.

Sleeplessness will lead you to eat more the next day, experts say.

“Food is also related to sleep by appetite and metabolism,” David G. Davila, MD told

“Research by Dr. Van Cauter shows that people who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have bigger appetites due to the fact that their leptin levels (leptin is an appetite regulating hormone) fall, promoting appetite increase.”

How do you fix these problems? Do not drink more than two cups of coffee a day and Davila says to exercise at least three hours before you attempt to sleep so that your body temperature has a chance to cool down.

Another helpful hint is to shut off all technology at least an hour before bed. Phone and iPad/tablet screens keep you awake longer and not to mention strain your eyes as well.

Sleep is more important than most people make it out to be. This is your body’s one chance to completely shut down and recover from the day’s events. Exercise will help you to get to bed at a decent time and your healthy diet will, by default, follow suit.

Your body wants to achieve comfort while doing all the activities you want it to do. If you are walking, it wants to find the correct posture and movements that balance you so that you are comfortable and do not fall. If you’re sitting at rest, your body doesn’t want to feel bloated and slouched over.

It wants you to fit comfortably in the seat and sit up straight with ease. These benefits are not hard to attain.

Those steps will allow you to achieve the maximum levels of comfort for your body. You don’t have to be the fittest person in the world to be comfortable with the body that you’re in, you just can’t neglect its needs.

When you notice your body experiencing comfort in the areas of standing, sitting, sleeping, at rest, walking, leaning, running, when you used to be complaining in every position, you will thank me later.

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