Livin' La Vida Lucia

Masterfully Melt Away Your Makeup

How to Go to Bed with the Cleanest Skin

By: Lucia Rossi


If there is one thing makeup lovers always look for when it comes to quality cosmetics, it’s durability. This is great for when you want your makeup to last throughout the entire day, but not-so great for when you want to wash it off at night.

I’m looking at you, waterproof and glittery products. Because of you, I’ve had to wash my face several times at night and I can still see you there.

A good makeup application is like a booty call, it’s wonderful when you have it when you want it, but when the time comes, it has to go.


As a normal hormonal woman, I need to do my best to protect my skin from clogged or irritated pores to prevent breakouts.

Over the years, I’ve tried so many different methods for removing makeup, but I seem to always return to one. I either get a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe (I use the Simple Micellar make-up remover wipes) and quickly dip it over an open makeup remover bottle (I use the Sephora Waterproof Makeup Remover) to get one spot of the wipe with extra solution, like you would as if it was nail polish remover.


I do this so it intensifies the effects of the remover and to make the spot on the wipe more concentrated. I feel like wipes are never wet enough. Then, I’ll hold that extra wet spot over my eye for about 5 to 10 seconds so it breaks down the heavy eyeshadow and mascara. When I see it dissolving, I’ll start to gently rub the wipe around my eye in a circular motion. Then, I repeat on the second eye.

For the face, I feel like the wipe is good enough on its own, especially since I use a cleanser afterwards anyway. I do this because after using wipes I usually feel oily. Additionally, I’ll see the fuzzy particles from the wipe on my skin, or that there is still visible makeup there.

Afterwards, I find that it’s best to use an oil or lotion cleanser that is meant to remove makeup. I know oil-cleansers may sound intimidating if you have oily skin, but I swear by the Josie Maran brand for giving my skin exceptional hydration to keep acne at bay. Your skin definitely won’t feel oily after using one.

Use whatever non-abrasive cleanser is best for your skin type though, and be sure to pat dry with a towel, don’t swipe because you don’t need extra exfoliation.e46b83ed919effbec13c1be2052910b1

Generally, the proper way to have a healthy skin routine at night is to first remove makeup, cleanse the skin of whatever is left, and then moisturize with a cream. Cosmo actually suggests that you wash makeup off with two wipes before cleansing, but I’m not about to waste precious expensive wipes.

It makes sense to use different makeup removers according to how heavy your makeup is. If you’re wearing light makeup, such as a BB cream or concealer, then a cleansing water-based formula should be fine. However, if you’re wearing a full mask of foundation with powders and contouring, then you should go for the oil formulas.

Also, be mindful of the temperature of the water you’re using. Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, so keep it at a comfortable lukewarm temp.

If you’re a college student living on a tight budget and can’t afford fancy cleansers and removers, that’s okay. There are plenty of home remedies to choose from that can get the job done with some cotton pads.what-makeup-remover-was-on-mulans-sleeves-funny-meme-picture

The power of coconut oil and its insane amount of uses is actually amazing. This is by far one of your best allies, even for removing waterproof products. For an extra refreshing and cooling sensation, you can combine coconut oil with castor oil and cucumber juice.

Olive oil works just as well as coconut. These are not just healthy cooking staples, after all. It pairs well when mixed with Witch Hazel since it locks in moisture and helps with acne. Or, you can mix a bit of olive oil with aloe vera and water to make Michelle Phan’s recipe for DIY makeup remover.

If you want to get extra adventurous with your DIY, you can use jojoba oil with either vitamin E oil or almond oil. If price weighs you down, baby oil or baby lotion is also a sufficient substitute.

One popular DIY recipe for makeup remover is honey and baking soda. It works as remover and a cleanser and can be combined with your favorite oil.

Some women use Vaseline or Waxelene, the alternative to petroleum jelly, with cotton swabs to get those tough spots on the eye area. Alternatively, you could even use chapstick. This is for eyes only as it clogs pores.a52fccaaadab673dd8a43c5427d44638

Many social media websites have said that steam and milk have been handy tools when removing makeup because standing over hot steam will open up your pores and the milk will help your makeup glide right off.

If all else fails, you could also use the highest rated makeup removing item on, and that’s the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt sold for $15. Customers have claimed in their reviews that it tames acne and leaves their skin feeling very soft.

Sounds magical!



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