Suicide Squad a Squandering Sideshow

It’s Good to be Bad…But Not This Bad

By: Lucia Rossi


DC keeps trying but still hasn’t come close to Marvel’s success in films, at least in the eyes of true comic book fans.

“Suicide Squad” broke records for the month of August in its opening weekend at the box office, but received less than stellar reviews from critics.

Even though it may be considered a disappointment, some say it is an improvement from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, thanks to the main character’s performances and their devil-may-care humor.

Personally, I think people make out this film to be way worse than it actually was. Viewers need to consider and remember what constrains this film was under, what the movie is really about, and how it is trying to set itself apart, as well as bridge the gap to whatever travesty DC has planned next.

One comment that is circulating is that there wasn’t enough Joker and Batman. Please keep in mind that the movie is about Suicide Squad, and therefore, Batman and Joker merely play background characters. They’re not supposed to have that much screen time, not matter how much was cut, because it’s not their movie. Their purpose was to push Harley Quinn and the other members of the squad to move the plot along, and that’s what they did.

Speaking of the Joker, people may love or hate Jared Leto’s portrayal, but in the end of the day, it is a new perspective and interpretation of the character. It may not exactly be the comic book or animated series version we all know and love, but every actor has done it differently.

This Joker was more of a cartel-boss type of gangster with a hip-hop style and modern tattoos. Although Leto’s Joker was surely maniacal, ruthless, and a psychopathic crime-boss, we didn’t get to see him play those genius psychological games we all know and appreciate. His answer to things mostly involved hijacking, animal suits, and machine guns. Simple. He may not measure close to Heath Ledger’s Joker, but his smile hand-tattoo was cool and his insane laughter needs work.

The best and most important part about the Joker in this film was his connection and relationship with Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie. Their relationship is toxic, impulsive, and abusive, but their love runs deep. Especially for Harley, who would do anything for her puddin’.

Harley Quinn was the second best part of this film. She provided a sexy but crazy feature; she could measure up to the men with her awesome fighting skills and needed nothing but a baseball bat and a gun. She could hold her own in battle with no armor– I give her a lot of respect for that.

However, if I had a dollar for how many times she called the members of the squad “pussies”, I would have a fat stack of cash. She was funny at times, but it felt forced and maybe over-exaggerated. Her personality and attitude was true to the character, but her accent, could have been better. I so desperately ached to hear that city accent and slang, but only got one “Mista J”.

Will Smith killed it in his role as Deadshot, pun intended. He was by far the best actor and character in the film. This is no surprise. Deadshot was the one squad member who had something positive to fight for, his daughter. This made his involvement all the more bittersweet because he enjoys killing for money, but also loves his daughter and wants to be a good role model to her. His humor seemed somewhat unnatural as well, like someone told him, “Okay, now say something funny here,” but he was still entertaining and his skills were awestriking.

The best scene in the whole movie was when the entire squad decides to stop saving the world and have a drink in a local bar instead. In this scene, they all discuss and realize the different kinds of criminals they all are. It’s touching and emotional; you see the differences and similarities between them all. El Diablo’s backstory will bring you to tears in this scene.

Who can forget the Head Bitch in Charge who brought the squad together in the first place, Amanda Waller. Viola Davis very accurately captured her ambitious, guilt-free, badass, strong, black woman attitude.

Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress however, wasn’t that strong as a villain and would have done better with more background information. She was creepy and powerful, but her motives were somewhat unexplained and unclear.

The movie was simple in its plot. Enchantress wants to take over the world, be worshipped as a goddess again, and make the human race pay for her containment. This was easy, but complexity is what makes stories interesting.

Regardless, the movie isn’t about her or any villain for that matter. Its main objective is to bring together the suicide squad and see how they interact, that’s it. They could have inserted literally any villain and it wouldn’t have made a difference, unless it was the Joker, but they’re saving him for later.

The movie grossed $465 million and had a budget of $325 million with their promotions and advertising. They scraped by, but would have done so much better if maybe they had chosen to do a story similar to that of the animated film “Batman: Assault on Arkham”. It’s everything Suicide Squad should have been. Deadshot and Harley even have a one-night stand! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it and compare.

In March 2016, it was announced there will be a sequel, bringing back David Ayer as director and will be released in 2017.

Overall, the film was visually creative, had its silly and heartfelt moments, was true to many characters while changing others, wasn’t a complex film, and it was merely an introduction.

Yes, it could have been better. It definitely would have been better if it was rated-R too, but it was not as terrible as people made it out to be. Hopefully they make the appropriate adjustments in the future, starting with the Flash’s redundant metal armored suit.



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  1. Thats Funny, Suicide Squad has beat, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America the first Avenger, Thor the dark world, and Ant man, All without opening in China but it hasn’t come close to Marvel’s success in movies…..try to hide the haterism a little better

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