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Rainbow Chrome Nails That Say “Holo There”

Get In On The Hot Holographic Nail Trend

Byline: Lucia Rossi

Gigi Hadid broke the nail game when she displayed her $2,000 chrome manicure at the Met Gala earlier this year.


This evolved into something so much larger in the nail industry as beauty gurus, vloggers and instagramers like Kandee Johnson, Jeffree Star, Amrezy, Huda Kattan and NikkiTutorials became obsessed with the look and inspired women around the world to try and imitate it.

Holographic nails are not exactly for the simple French-manicure nail lovers; it’s bursting with sparkle and a laser of rainbow light that streams across the nail. It’s pretty hard not to stare.13734372_318700321850955_1177295383_n

It’s also somewhat difficult to recreate the look on a college-friendly budget depending on what products you want to use and what quality they have. The more dough you spend, most likely, the better the application, staying power and color impact. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay $2,000 to get the look.

Just to be specific, Gigi Hadid had chrome nails, which is slightly different than holo. Chrome strictly has a metallic, mirror-like reflect, while the holo gives it that rainbow, iridescent effect.28da7cd7b6969a8592db8c59befa5cdb

Now, you could simply buy the nail polish itself, but it may not be as opaque or not have the staying power of gel polish. It may overall be a hit or miss.

If you’re interested in the non-rainbow silver chrome nails, sells a set of chrome polish with a base coat polish for an affordable $9.99, but here’s the catch—the site warns you that it only lasts for a day or two.homepage-2

If you’re an Amazon addict like myself, you can find affordable, regular nail polishes that have exceptional ratings to give that beautiful metallic shine.polish1

KBShimmer has multichrome polishes with rave reviews and customer photos. Additionally, it doesn’t contain oluene, Formaldehyde or Dibutyl Phthalate. Their prices range from about $10-$14. They have a wide range of color varieties and suggest that you apply a black base color underneath two-three coats of their nail lacquer with a clear top coat.

ILNP Cosmetics also created a similar line of holographic and chrome polishes that range from $10-$15 that claims to be long lasting, fast drying, vegan and cruelty-free. The company says you don’t even need a base coat because supposedly their polish does not stain. This brand is made in the US and mainly receives 4 ½-5 star ratings on their color varieties. They recommend you apply the holo nail polish over a dark base color, but it’s not necessary.ob_07f381_right-handed-o-90828

If you want to give yourself the celebrity treatment, Kandee Johnson and Jeffree Star provided helpful Holo DIY videos that show you the steps. Their process involves using gel polish and the UV light to cure it.

First, you apply a base coat and two coats of a gel polish. Then, cure it like normal under the UV lamp. Then it’s suggested to use a basecoat, or non-wipeable, rubbery top coat for when you rub in the holo or chrome powder using a silicone or rubber head nail brush. This nail tool can be purchased below $10 on Amazon.

The holographic nail powder that is used for Kandee Johnson’s nails are from and is a whopping $40 for 1 gram on Pre-order! Simply Nailogical on YoutTube uses holographic powder from Nails21, which may be more agreeable. You could try a really cheap one from Ebay, but the quality may be questionable considering it probably comes from China.

After applying a gel non-wipeable top coat over your base color, you cure it for a minute to let it dry, and then push or rub in that magical powder all over the nail using the brush. Dust off the excess, apply another top coat layer, cure it for a minute and you’re done!holographic-nails-1

You can do the powder method using regular nail polish as long as you use a water-based top coat for the powder, but it may come out somewhat patchy and uneven as proven from Simply Nailogical’s video where she tries both methods. If anyone knows holo, it’s her.maxresdefault3

If you mess up, that’s okay, that’s what nail polish remover is for. In the end, it’s all about the fun and the holo.ob_89cb7f_a57a4e9f1ccc28036f263f9588174fb4

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