Livin' La Vida Lucia

How to Choose the Best Costume for You

Get Ready for Comic Con and Halloween!

By: Lucia Rossi

With New York Comic Con being right around the corner and this month being full of Halloween parties, it’s time to figure out your costume or cosplay if you haven’t already.

If you are planning on going to Comic Con and need a costume, I really hope you have Amazon Prime shipping!

If you’re like me and you’re really passionate about the costumes or cosplays you wear, then it takes a while to plan. When it comes to a good costume, it’s all about the details, or the little things, and the effort that you put in.homepage-1

I think it’s safe to say that you should have a good month to order what you need. This is just in case you have to resort to using Ebay or Etsy and need to wait a week for the package to arrive, because who has an extra $20 to spend on expedited shipping?img_8434

Plus, you want to give yourself extra time in case there is something wrong with the item. If it doesn’t fit or the quality isn’t as expected, you can return it and get your money back. In my opinion, Amazon has the easiest, fastest and most reliable method of doing returns, especially because they guarantee your money back even when the sellers don’t.alice_in_wonderland_by_cami_chan86-d4c2gcs

Before you even start shopping, you have to figure out what you want to be. Think about the things you love—movies, video games, television shows, animes, iconic characters, pop culture etc. Think of characters you feel a connection or relation to, someone you think you could imitate in their mannerism and phrases.game_of_thrones_cosplay_group__by_seattle_cosplay-d7e6ecj

The main thing I would suggest is choosing something that isn’t too abstract to the point where nobody knows what you are, or characters that are too mainstream and popular to the point where it can end up being boring and predicable. Try to find something in between; find something everybody knows, but wouldn’t normally think of. This can be difficult, but pick something that’s considered “classic” to the genre and somehow has a connection to the present. People will commend you for doing something simple but innovative.kxdur5k

Consider body type, or who you think you kind of look like already. This isn’t necessary, but it makes the impersonation all the more accurate; if you want recognition– you want to aim for as much accuracy as possible. It could also make the costume that much easier to do because you already have the face and shape. If this isn’t the option for you in what you’re looking to do, there is always makeup or doing a gender-bender, or just putting your own spin on the character to make it your own. Some people like to do out-of-the-box type mash-ups with characters as well.727354f5ed2229932ccb33d48d7f0d2e

Feasibility is also something to consider, meaning choose a costume that is accessible and realistic. Don’t try to make some crazy armored suit if you know you don’t have the crafting skills, the time or the money. You can put something together that is just as amazing without getting too complicated. If you have amazing sewing skills and a 3D Printer, more power to you, but stay within your limitations. If you’re looking to expand, there are plenty of YouTube videos and blogs that have step by step details on how to make props. Michael’s craft store can be a pretty intimidating place if you’re not craft savvy, but talking to the associates who work there could also help.s2

Comfortability is also a factor since you’ll be spending hours in the costume. Make sure that you’re wearing something that your eyes can see through if you choose to wear a mask or helmet. Bring spare shoes if you have to wear heels and something to cover up with if you’re wearing body paint and it gets cold. Know how to fix your hair properly in order to keep a wig snug, that you’re able to walk in what you’re wearing, that it’s not too tight or heavy, and pray that the material isn’t itchy. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun to play with costumes, not irritating and uncomfortable.3e0966231bb0ed202ff49bca6aad6674

Think of props; they can change a simple costume and make it original and different from other people who do the same thing. Props can separate you from the rest because you can do certain poses or act out a scene that makes for great photo opts. Thanks to social media and high technology phones, great pictures are too hard to pass up. When you’re in that costume you become an actor and model, even if you’re not. So, get yourself Insta-worthy and work it.scooby_doo_gang___megacon_2012_by_tiger18056-d4qfjkt

Once you’ve made your choice, look at a picture of your character exactly from where they come from in a screenshot. Write down what you see in detail so you know what to mimic and what you will specifically need. Be sure to get colors and patterns right because costume makers tend to change it. Write down what you would have to do for makeup, accessories that you will need, clothing necessities, possible props, even famous lines they speak. Make a list of materials you will need if you’re making the item yourself.dragonball_cosplay_group_uk___hyper_japan_by_katmaz-d87mml1

Then, to stay organized, write down where you’re buying those exact items and how much it will cost. This is important because costumes can easily run over $100 if you’re not careful. It also helps to keep track of where packages come from in case there are tracking issues.

In the end, it’s all about becoming what you love, being someone else for a change, and having fun doing it. If you’re putting this time and effort into a costume, then be sure to re-use it too!



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