Livin' La Vida Lucia

Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Makeup Help

Get Inspiration for Last-Minute Costumes with a Full Painted Face

By: Lucia Rossi

You don’t need fantastic drawing skills or experience using latex to be able to achieve an awe-striking Halloween look. With practice, a steady hand and some colorful makeup, you’re bound to create something cool.

Making your face the main focal point of your costume is cheaper and allows you to be more creative because your face is a blank canvas. It’s a great asset if you’re pressed for time or you’re just not a fan of overly embellished costumes. Time to take advantage of that pretty mug!unique-1

After looking around, I have found that many makeup looks could belong to different categories. The categories I placed them in are the scary or strange, iconic or character looks, animal and culturally inspired looks. I’ve chosen a few examples for each category to give you different ideas for inspiration.

Scary or strange looks can be designed or defined as many different things. It can be whatever you want it to be. You could have just some white and black face paint, draw yourself as a skull and call it a day. But then, where’s the fun in that? A little effort goes a long way so consider putting in small details because they can really make or break a face. Scary looks usually include using fake blood, or latex wounds, or other types of special effects. For the sake of makeup beginners, I tried to stick to what’s more feasible.

Sugar skulls are classic example because they have a bone-chilling ghostly effect with the elegance and beauty of a classy woman. They can be done in all different ways, so there’s a lot of wiggle room with this look.scary-1

Looks inspired from horror films are also encouraged because this is the perfect occasion for them! Creepy designs can be beautiful and everyone will know who you are if you pull it off with flare. Jigsaw and Black Swan are great examples of this.scary-4scary-2

There are also those chilling looks of dolls, broken porcelain, or puppets. Can’t go wrong with Chucky or Slappy from Goosebumps.scary-3

If you’re not into the horror scene you could always dress up as something cute and cuddly, like your favorite furry friend in the wild. Looks such as these don’t require fancy clothes; it’s really all about the animal face. Go take a walk on the wild side!animal-4animal-2animal-1

When it comes to iconic characters and portrayals, Disney needs its own subcategory. Disney represents everything we know and love about our childhoods and is something we still enjoy even in adulthood. Why not represent your favorite princess, evil-doer, or Pixar character? The possibilities are endless.disney-3disney-2disney-1disney-5

Iconic characters could also be any celebrity, or pop culture figure who everyone is familiar with. This includes television actors, movie series, fictional characters from books and comics, cartoon characters etc. In this range, there are options for any difficulty level and could be a classic or something really current. Have fun with this and don’t forget to bring that character to life!iconic-1iconic-3iconic-4

You also have the option to completely stray from what’s human or a known character. This means doing something really unique and possibly adding your own personal touch. Sure, you could be a witch, a mermaid, fairy, or the Cheshire cat but how? There are so many ways you could do it and that’s the beauty of it!unique-4unique-3unique-5

You could take something that’s popular in social media and turn it into a costume as well, like snapchat filters. You know how everybody loves them, right?unique-2

Halloween is all about becoming something or someone else for a change. This is your chance to explore your imagination and focus your energy in a positive way that will alter who you are for a day.

You don’t need to be a pro makeup artist or have the most expensive products to think outside the box and create something that’ll wow the crowd. Remember, it’s all in good fun.homepage-2



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