No Time For The Gym? No Problem

Ways to Causally Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

By: Beren Sabuncu

The gym is great. It’s the one place you can go to unwind after a long day, it’s where you can forget your stress and just work on your body.

Yet, for the working class person who simply can’t make time for it, the gym is also a luxury. Worry no more! There are actually many different ways you can stay active and toned, even if you don’t go to the gym that often (or ever).

Eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet. It might not seem like being active necessarily correlates with eating healthy, but it does. People usually don’t “eat whatever they want because they work out like a dog” as you like to tell yourself.

Sorry. Unless your metabolism is running at the speed of light, you have to watch what you eat. The better your diet, the lighter and healthier you will feel, and that will brighten your mood. This will energize you, making you feel and be more active.

Use the stairs whenever you have the chance. This is seriously like a mini workout for your glutes and legs. Using the stairs burns more calories per minute than jogging, and it’s the perfect mini exercise if you don’t have time to hit the gym.

Get up. Whenever someone needs something, be it water, snacks, or a book, get up. Try not to ask people to hand you things. You wouldn’t think it would help you get leaner and obtain a toned body, but it will.

Experts say that fidgeting throughout the day, like moving your legs up and down, for example, helps you stay lean.

That is because the calorie loss accumulates, and your muscles will contract and eventually become toned over time. Every little thing helps!

Do food lunges. Food lunges are lunges that you do while waiting for your food to be cooked.

You eat thrice everyday, and if any one of those meals are at your house, it means that you can do food lunges. This goes for every exercise you prefer, just do it while your food is cooking!

Use public transportation, or ride your bike. If you don’t have the time or the money to use a bike, try borrowing one from a friend; it’s a great workout.

Using public transportation instead of your car can help you to keep active due to the amount of walking that comes along with it — and it helps the environment too! All you need to do is manage your time accordingly.

In your spare time, go to museums or art galleries. This allows you to enrich your soul, while walking around the entire day — a win-win situation! Another bonus is that walking around galleries is usually free. Yes, please!

Don’t shop online! If you shop a lot, then shopping is pretty much your cardio. You get to buy the stuff you need and walk around carrying the heavy bags. (Lift things up and put them down, haha! Get it?) It might be exhausting, but it is the good kind of exhausting.

Make sure to hit the dance floor when you go out. At a sweet sixteen? Or a wedding? Bust a move.

You don’t have time for the gym, but you have time for bars and clubs? Easy solution. Get on the dance floor and shake what your momma gave you. It’s fun, lets you unwind and it’s a great workout.

The best way of keeping active is being happy. Happiness creates happiness. Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins are what chemically create our happiness and there are many ways to trigger their release. Being active leads to feeling accomplished and creates higher levels of the happiness quartet, which leads to you being more active! Life can be a beautiful wondrous thing when you take advantage of it.

Keeping active is genuinely a cheat for happiness. Your happiest moments weren’t sitting on your couch. Yes, the gym is great, but you can look and feel great without it too!

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