The Shape of Ed Sheeran’s Career is on Fire

Divide is #1 on Billboard

By: Victoria Ifatusin

Ed Sheeran and his album, Divide.

From hooking up in the bar, to flashbacks of childhood memories, Ed Sheeran displays a great amount of enjoyment and motivation in his new album, Divide, which has reached the top of Billboard 200.

The main themes of Sheeran’s songs vary from life-changing events, lusting relationships, and most importantly, love.

Many of them, unsurprisingly include an acoustic rhythm, either by guitar or piano. There was diversity in the melodies which provided an upbeat tune to most of them.

It was something that could be easily danced to with passion, while others had a soft smooth aria, a tune that goes perfect with the day.

In his album, Divide, love is a dominant theme which can be seen in a myriad of tracks in the record. He explains this theme by expressing his love for a lady that he is with or has been with.

His songs “Shape of You,” “Perfect,” “Galway Girl,” “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here,” and “How Would You Feel,” share this common theme as he describes this imaginative flawless female.

In each song, he describes the attributes of his dream girl that he first meets at a particular place. He realizes the beautiful characteristics that makes up the woman and uses acoustic instruments like a guitar, or piano, to make note of the different features of her.

Ed Sheeran also portrays much of his life in the song “Castle On The Hill,” where he gives a brief synopsis of his life from diaper days, teenage times to his adult age.

He also talks about his grandparents, in the songs “Nancy Mulligan” and “Supermarket Flowers.” He sings in first person from his grandfather’s perspective in “Nancy Mulligan.” Love is also seen in this song, as he talks about meeting a woman of another nationality, but it eventually led up to a significance in the life of Ed Sheeran.

Another song that explains Sheeran’s background that included a family member, was his grandmother and the death of her in “Supermarket Flowers.” In a way, love is also seen in this song, because he expresses his love for her before and after she passes away.

Another theme that is seen throughout the album is romantic relationships, which is seen in “Dive,” “Happier,” and “New Man,” where Ed Sheeran gives his listeners a background on his past relationships, and how he felt in each one of them.

In “Dive,” he explains his fear of his lover not feeling the same way as he does. In “Happier,” his former girlfriend is with another man, and Sheeran explained his realization of her being happy with her new man. As for “New Man,” Sheeran sings about a girl who has been changed because of the new man she is with.

Motivation is also portrayed in the tracks of “Eraser,” and “What Do I Know.”

In “Eraser,” he explains how pain has made him a stronger, independent person. Instead of resting his head on another person’s shoulder, he’s able to stand up for himself.

“What Do I Know” is a song that expresses the importance of love and how it could change the world if people shared it more. This could be because people of the world today are so concerned with their problems, that they forget to love.

Enjoyment is another theme that is greatly seen in two of Ed Sheeran’s songs, “Bibia Bi Ye Ye” and “Barcelona.” These songs have an upbeat tune similar to dance songs, but exhibit a certain feeling of freeness and enjoyment of life.

Sheeran’s songs speak to a lot of people in a way that reaches hearts and tops charts in 14 different countries. Looks like the shape of his career is on fire.

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