April Fools!

Come In

White supremacists respond to Jordan Peele’s movie, “Get Out,” with a film of their own.

By: Marcus Del Valle

Matt DamonApri

With the release of Jordan Peele’s new movie “Get Out” and its focus on society’s underlying racial issues of today, white supremacists have responded with a film titled “Come In.” It’s newly in production and sending the message that, “We aren’t all like that.”

Jordan Peele’s directorial debut of “Get Out” was met with much success that the film banked $30.5 million only three days after its release. With a film that complicates and combines, not only hard to digest racial tensions, but also blurs the lines of genre, it is easy to see why this film would garner such success.

However, a certain group of people are perplexed by the audacity of the director to “revitalize old issues by talking about it in a film.”

Matt Damon has stated that he will be working on a new film that is a response to “Get Out,” titled “Come In.”

A white supremacist who refused to remove his white robes or give his name during an interview stated, “If a comedian could direct a horror film about racism why can’t we make a romantic comedy about white supremacy?”

Actor, Matt Damon responded with, “Let me handle this. I will do it better.”

“Come In” will follow a white basketball player who falls in love with a black cheerleader and his experience trying to measure up to the competition. He must prove that he can dunk and spit her favorite rap lyrics to win her over.

Matt Damon and George Lucas will work on the film together. Lucas stated, “This isn’t your normal basketball game. This is futuristic. The future is diverse!”

Damon said in a press release that “Get Out’ is a great film that tells a great story about how awkward it is to be the ‘other’ but what about the rest of us? Not all white people are like that.”

Matt Damon has been hash tagging the project #WypipoStrikeBack, Matt Damon plans on training very hard to learn to dunk, jump very high and speak Ebonics for the film.

Damon stated, “Thanks to me, ‘The Great Wall’ was made more diverse and historically correct. I plan to do the same with this film.”

As a project, “Get Out” is genre defying, society questioning and complicated – which historically, has always opened the doors for discussion.

Jordan Peele stated in an interview that he only wanted to cast actors that he could believe in. A necessary quality of the lead, Daniel Kaluuya, was to be “woke” enough to portray his character’s hardships truthfully.

Peele stated, “I wanted to make sure that this movie satisfied the black core movie audiences need for characters to be smart and do things that intelligent, observant people would do.”

Though these statements may seem valuable and even valiant to some, others were met with extreme offense to these words as well as the film itself.

Matt Damon responded by saying, “That doesn’t sound very inclusive. We need a movie for everyone. Diversity includes all!”

Hordes of movie reviewers talk about all the people walking out of the film. A large majority of these people, all of them, were white.

Carol H. Hood states, “…not white teenagers hustling to check out whatever had just popped up on Instagram. These were legitimate single adults who all seemed to have an exhausting case of the fidgets.”

After referring to them as “grown ass people” one can only wonder what the response could be from actual racists.

Donald Trump was asked about his opinion of the film as well. He stated, “I believe that we are in the best country in the world and we will work hard to make sure that everybody knows that.”

When asked about his opinion the second-time, Trump stated, “I think this country has some of the best film directors out of everybody and I am very smart, so I know what good films are, so Interviewers decided not to ask again and just moved on with their lives.

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