April Fools!

The Supreme Brick: One Year Later

Commemorating a year since it’s release, we look back on the infamous Supreme brick and it’s effect on the streetwear scene

By: Brenton Mitchell

Supreme Brick

In the Spring of last year, streetwear giant, Supreme, released a truly unique item that made waves with die hard fans and outsiders alike: A Brick. The molded piece of concrete, embossed with the brand’s signature box logo, sold out in a matter of minutes. The feat was an incredible success of marketing, as well as a giant testament to the mindless support of hypebeasts and their mother’s credit cards.

Back then, the question on everyone’s mind was the true nature of the brick, a secret that has yet to be uncovered. Whether it be a show of wealth or to flex on those above an IQ of 50, having a Supreme brick quickly became a representation of the true power of Capitalism.

With the one year anniversary of the brick rapidly approaching, interest in its hidden mysteries has steadily risen.

The brick is made of highest quality discount concrete, with a delicious red hue resembling the skin of a ripe apple, fading over time to the antique color of dried blood. At the top of the heap is the potential uses for the brick, whether it be as a thousand dollar door stopper or an appropriate tool for silencing your enemies, the potential is endless.

Regardless of utility in one’s home or potential quests for bloodshed and revolution, Supreme has truly created a product meant to last.

With success comes security, as the brick provides not only protection from unwanted intrusions, but it also is a functional alternative for those silly moments when you forget your house keys.

Tossing the brick through a ground floor window provides an excellent means of entering your home quickly and efficiently, working perfectly not only on your own residence but also the annoying neighbors up the street with the 70 inch flat screen TV.

True to it’s roots, the Supreme brick is also a highly regarded spring fashion staple.

When drilled through with a chain, the 10 pound brick makes a perfect accessory to be worn around the neck. The weight creates an accessory that is not only fashionable, but doubles as an exercise activity that will keep the body and mind happy and healthy for an incredible 5 to 10 seconds per hour.

One savvy buyer has adapted his brick to be strapped to the front of his body, used as a counterweight for his extra large backpack, stuffed with he other Supreme bricks he was fortunate enough to claim.

For maximum balance, he pairs it with a burgundy dyed Supreme brick belt, completed with skinny jeans and an alarming lack of self-esteem. It is safe to say that the Supreme brick has aged well, growing over time with its rabid fan base. Expanding further past useless claim to wealth, forward into legendary status symbol.

A timeless classic, the Supreme brick will be remembered for ages to come. Not only for it’s ingenuity, but for it’s class. In fact, Supreme even teased a new, cheaper version of the brick. Release is set for the upcoming month, shipping out both to usual retailers as well as Syrian refugee camps.
Clearly, Supreme is serious about humanitarian efforts and wishes to help in any way they can. In total, the supreme brick is an incredible item created by an incredible company.

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