Sex and Relationships

Flex To Enhance Sex

The Advantages of Practicing Yoga

By: William Morton

There are benefits of yoga that can enhance the flow of brain connectivity, balance, emotions, and even though it may come as a surprise, pleasure when engaging in intercourse. The energy of libido becomes heightened with regular exercise. Lacey Haynes, yoga instructor and meditation expert, teaches methods to enhance one’s sex life.

Haynes explains the basic credo of yoga, stating: “yoga is not about only touching the toes but what is learned on the journey.” Yoga expunges stress and forms a state of stability, inner peace and comfort. Yoga can be therapeutic and can promote stability in couples.

Love making between two yoga practitioners creates a spiritual and physical synchronization. The ability to connect during sex comes when the couple is mentally and physically in sync. One example of how yoga contributes to sex is the method of communication via seductive positions.

The Eagle Pose is both easy to do and sexually pleasing to look at. It helps improve balance as both legs are intertwined while arms are crossed. When posing correctly, the cervix is going to feel relaxed as the mind mimics the body, preparing to be intertwined. Yoga molds the body into poses reassembling things found in nature and with that, thoughts and love can flow naturally. Sex should be the same way as lover’s bodies join together like ivy wrapping around a tree.

The separate Legs Forward Stretching Pose creates limber flexibility, strength and balance. Both legs are planted firmly on the ground as the upper body hangs forward, hands around the ankles. This pose stretches the sciatic nerves and increases flexibility of the hips and pelvis while toning thighs. Yoga is a journey that can sculpt physiques and can enhance libido, but the true resolution should be satisfaction within. Ancient yoga instructors acknowledged that inner peace and sex are connected.

Practicing yoga to enhance sex may seem subjective, relationships should be based on shared ethics and common interests, but the euphoria of intercourse among those who practice yoga is something that enhances pre-existing connections among couples.

Physicians and nutrition experts recommend exercising for at least 30 minutes a day. The results are increased confidence, being sexually alluring and increased sexual stamina.

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