Students vs. Faculty/Staff Indoor Soccer Game

By: Anthony Carbonaro

Thursday, March 9, the annual College of Staten Island Student vs. Faculty/Staff Game took place in building 1R. Players were given free t-shirts to wear and were offered free refreshments throughout the game.

“We do this every year for the past four years and usually host three events per year. Soccer, Volleyball and Flag Football are all sports we play, depending on what season we are in,” Sal Caruso, coordinator of the event, said. “We like to get together with staff and the faculty, try to have fun with it, give everybody food at the end, get to know each other and build strong relationships.”

Caruso’s goals for the event are to have people come back each year and have students earn personal growth (PG) credits.

The indoor soccer event included two official referees.

Daniel Block is a freshman at the College of Staten Island. He arrived at the gym early to make sure the goalie nets were in good shape.

“This is my first year being an official, certified referee but I’ve been apart of the United States Soccer Federation of refereeing for the past two years,” Block said. “I figured my buddy Sal can use the help. My refereeing partner and friend is part of the same organization, we thought it would be cool to get together and help out Sal.”

Daniel Raffo is a former College of Staten Island student and has been part of the faculty team for the last three years.

“I participate because there are old time players on the team and it’s really cool to play with them again,” Raffo said. “We found recruits a couple years ago and its really fun to participate while kicking some butt.”

“Sometimes it can get pretty competitive towards the end because clearly there some players here who don’t know how to play so the scores can even themselves out. At the end its a blitz to win it and gain a little pride,” Raffo continued.

Edgar Lorenzo is a junior at the College of Staten Island and is a staff member.

“Making new friends, supporting the staff team, and spreading the word of intramural is why I love being in this event,” Lorenzo said.

“As a staff member of intramural, my team members and I set up the student vs. staff events. Online is an source to discover the student vs. staff events. Registration was an easy process, enter and it was quick,” Lorenzo explained.
The next event Sal Caruso is managing is the 4×4 Flag Football Game on Tuesday, April 4, at 2:30 p.m. in the auxiliary gym.

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