Nintendo Betrays Loyal Fans for Extra Bucks

Switch’s price puts it at disadvantage with current gen

By: Rami Tabari

You’d think that Nintendo would learn from their mistakes and give what the fans want: a console worthy enough to stand up to the current gen.

This is not the case with the Nintendo Switch.

What’s really killing the console is it offers so little and has the audacity to charge $300. This is insane when you’re competing with current consoles that run around $250-300 and clearly have superior features.

The Nintendo Switch launched on March 3, 2017, with only two new titles: “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “1-2-Switch.” When the XBOXone and Ps4 launched, they had about twenty titles each.

The Switch does not come bundled with a game unlike current gen consoles. Which is odd because “1-2-Switch” is a party game and would have been perfect as a free add on in order to test the Switch’s capabilities. This game is priced at $50 and is not worth the purchase. It should have been free.

Finishing “Zelda” and “1-2-Switch,” fans are expected to let their Switch collect dust until an important title releases. “Splatoon 2” is expected to launch in the summer.

Other titles on launch, “Super Bomberman R,” which is a new and is essentially basic “Bomberman,” are ported from older consoles that people have played before and don’t want to spend extra money.

The newest port that will be released is “Skyrim,” with a re-release in October with updated graphics, full DLC and for the first time includes mods on consoles.

The only issue is that the port for Switch is none other than original “Skyrim,” raw with no additional content or updated graphics that launched six years ago.

The newest game that comes to mind is “Yooka-Laylee,” that will launch April 11. This isn’t even exclusive to the Switch, so you’re not forced to get one to play it.

Fans are buying a Switch simply to play “Breath of the Wild,” which isn’t exclusive to the Switch: the Wii U has it. The biggest selling point for the Switch is the better graphics, which I believe is a lie. I’ve seen the comparison video that IGN released and graphically it is very similar. They washed out the color so much on the Wii U version just so it would “look better” when compared to the Switch.

This console comes with 32GB internal storage which is absurd when you look at future titles such as “Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2,” that will take up the whole 32GB if digitally downloaded.

The console does have the capacity for expandable storage.

Why force customers to go out of their way and spend $80 on a decent SD card?

Standard, current gen consoles start off with 500GB. Nintendo should at least offer us 128GB and allow us to download a few titles before buying expandable storage.

The kicker here is you’re not even allowed to put your save files on your external SD card.

So if your Switch dies, all your saves die with it. Current gen consoles all run on cloud saving: meaning that your saves are attached to your account no matter where you go.

The graphics on the Switch are also nowhere near current gen consoles. The graphics card on the console is equivalent to the 360 and PS3. While graphics have never been a problem for Nintendo games because of their vibrant art styles, this makes it difficult for third party developers to port their games to the Switch.

We will never be able to see AAA games for the Switch such as “Battlefield 1” or “Mass Effect.” This is disheartening because the only thing the Switch has to offer are a few exclusive games and still graphically inferior, old ports. This doesn’t bode well for the Switch’s sales.

The product sold over 330,000 units in Japan in the first three days. Not bad compared to the PS4 that sold 530,000 units in its first five weeks. While it may have had a good launch, I can’t see it lasting very long. Fans will have to wait extended periods of time before a new title will launch.

Social features are always big when it comes to video games. Previous Nintendo consoles like Wii U and 3DS weren’t on par with Xbox and Playstation in terms of having a party chat system, at least it had a mic so you could talk to other players in game.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a mic. Nintendo wants you, the customer who already payed $300, to chat with your friends using a phone app.

The original Xbox had party chat. It cannot be that hard to implement something consoles had back in 2001.

One charming aspects about Nintendo consoles is the online subscription was always free.

That’s about to change.

When autumn rolls around, Nintendo will be adding a subscription service for the Switch. This is a low move on Nintendo’s part. Many of their major titles don’t even have online features.

Nintendo will be giving one free game every month to customers who have the subscription. It will only be classic NES and SNES games.

While the Xbox and Playstation offer multiple games every month and their games are for current gen consoles.

Nintendo stated that the Switch’s battery would last about six hours depending on usage conditions, then continued that if you’re playing “Zelda,” you’d only have roughly three hours.

The only other game worthy of playing is “Zelda” and that’s a launch title, so your games will be graphically superior in the future. This portable console only nets you three hours of play time and will get shorter with the development of more advanced games.

Hardware issues are no stranger to any new console, the Switch is no exception.

There are reports of the dock scratching the Switch, the screen having dead pixels and the console presenting a blue screen signaling that it’s dead.

The most common problem is the left Joy-Con controller having connectivity issues.

Nintendo support claims that when the remote comes near other devices, it may interfere with the bluetooth. This is concerning because a phone app is needed to chat with friends.

If you want to charge the battery while on the go, the plug is on the bottom on the console. This is a design flaw. The Switch has a stand in the back of it, meaning you can’t stand it up and charge it at the same time.
Come on, Nintendo. Do better.

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  1. Can’t knock it til ya try it. Also got my SD card 512g for less than $30. Only gripe I can agree with ya on is the games. Not talking about the triple AAA “exclusives” because the same could be said of nintendo’s exclusives, also just buy a computer. Beyond that are the games being released per month on all paid services. The users don’t choose them nor do we choose what is available to purchase per week/month.

    Super Bomberman R really is good though. There is that xbox live one that you can play on the xbone but if the servers are running or if you can even find players are two separate issues.

  2. The Switch runs the Vulkan game engine, which makes it more powerful than the PS4 Pro.

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