Three Questions to Ask on Your Next Interview

Want the job of your dreams? Make sure they can answer these three questions

By: Victoria Priola

Searching LinkedIn and Indeed for your post-grad profession will inevitably lead to sending out resume after resume.

Be prepared for your interview when you finally get a response.

The interview: Put on your Sunday best, mentally prep yourself to give the post PR, bullshit answer your mind can formulate and walk in to impress the pants of your potential employer.

After giving it your best shot, the interviewer will, and should, ask if you have any questions.

This is the time for you to shine. Millennials are often so eager to get out into the working world, they will take anything that is over the measly $9 per hour they made at their last gig. We hear so much about the wage gap between men and women, but what is the wage gap between millennials and baby boomer workers?

There’s no monetary proof of a wage gap between the two generations but Mark Szypko of might have the reason behind the madness.

Millennial workers, born between 1981 and 2000, are typically new employees, said Szypko, according to Forbes.

Here are some questions to ask so employers won’t mistake your fresh face for someone who could be played.

What is the room for growth in this company?

This may seem like the easiest thing to remember, but believe it or not, most people forget or are afraid to ask if they could move up from the position they are going for.

What are the benefits of this position?

Follow the money here, people. You’re allowed to ask how much you’ll be paid and you don’t need to settle for the “competitive rate” answer you might get.

Feel free to ask about what you’re entitled to as far as medical coverage. If they’re not willing to cover you to get new glasses once a year, you might want to think twice about the job.

Let’s talk sick/vacation time.

OK, make sure this is not the first question you ask. But definitely ask at some point. If you want to start a family ever in life, you might be interested in how they handle maternity leave. Once you’re in the job, those questions might get buried under the new rules and regulations you have to follow.

Some companies might want to play with that number or sweep it under the rug so they can squeeze the most work out of you as possible. In short— stay woke.

Go into any job interview confident and humble. Always remember, the best brand you can build on is yourself.

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