Domesticity Evokes New Perspectives on Private Lives

CSI’s Latest Art Exhibit Focuses on the Subliminal Beauty of Home Life

By: Brenton Mitchell

Domesticity is the latest art collection to grace the The Art Gallery at the College of Staten Island. The collection contains various pieces from artists Jacyln Dooner, Patty Horing and Zoë Sheehan Saldaña.

The term “domesticity” refers to the home and private lives of people, and as such the various works of art portray various aspects of domestic life.

The most important aspect of domesticity is the interior element, the workings within the home. Whether they be a seemingly mundane setting or an intimate moment, the goal of shifting view closer to home is realized with incredible skill.

Each work in the series seeks to evoke a feeling of contemplation. The everyday aspects of interior life are put into full display, the moments that are often fleeting frozen for analysis, intrigue found where mundanity normally resides.

As society shifts under a new political climate, the sanctity and consistency of domestic life becomes even more important. Thus, domesticity aims to bring forth the identities within these intimate environments.

The artwork themselves are carefully crafted to evoke varied emotions based not only on their content, but to from the immense subtextual inferences that can be made about each individual piece.

The gallery consists of a wide variety of color palettes, ranging from dark almost bleak tones to vibrant blues and reds. These colors work in cohesion with their subjects to create a multitude of impressions on what domesticity is, and the innumerable amount of ways it can be expressed.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the gallery is not the pieces themselves, but the way they make you think about the small details in your own home. The scenes that are subliminal, unnoticed, giving newfound importance to the place where we as people are at are most comfortable and safe.

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