CSI Hosts March Madness Contest At The Main Gym

Winners receive multiple prizes  

By: Anthony Russo

In the main gym on Tuesday, March 21, CSI students had the option to participate in a series of events, similar to what’s seen in the NBA skills competition. The contests presented were the three point contest, the free throw contest and the 3 on 3 basketball challenge.

Both the free throw and three point contests were eligible for students to sign up for in person at the gym, but in order to participate in the 3 on 3 basketball challenge students had to sign up with a team on CSI’s website. Students also had the option to sign up for all 3 contests or less.

Sal Caruso, who was the event coordinator for the basketball contests, took track of student’s scores and signups.

“I’ve been here 5 years, it depends, but I run this event almost every semester,” said Caruso. “Whatever contest participants want to sign up for varies.”

For the 3 on 3 basketball challenge, each game was at a 12 minute continuous length from the start time of each game. Each successfully shot basketball was worth 1 point, unless a student attempted a shot behind the 3 point line, then the basket was worth 2 points.

As it went for the 3 point contest, the event was untimed, but students were given only 5 seconds to shoot the ball once it was in their hands. Students were also given 5 balls each from 5 different spots behind the 3 point line. The first 4 balls shot by each student were worth 1 point each while the last ball shot was worth 2 points.

For the free throw contest, once students had the basketball in their hands, they had 10 seconds to attempt their shot. Each free throw was from the same distance and worth 1 point per shot and were given 10 attempts.  

A student and staff member at the basketball event, Artem Lapin, helped rebound and place basketballs back in racks, which students then used for the 3 point contest. Lapin also discussed the competitive nature of the basketball events he usually works on and covers.

“It’s usually pretty competitive. We give prizes out to the winner of each contest,” said Lapin. “The winners usually get gift cards, a tee shirt and sometimes a goodie-bag.”

Each winner of the 3 on 3 basketball challenge received a $25 gift card to buffalo wild wings, a tee shirt that read “Straight out of competition CSI Champion” and a CSI water bottle. The winners of the free throw and 3 point contest also received the same rewards.

For future sports events, CSI has an Instagram page @csi_intramurals where they post about upcoming events, awards received by participants and more information about leagues and tournaments.

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