A Note from the Co-Editors in Chief of The Banner

Dear Readers,

We, as Banner Staff, would like to discuss the various responses we received concerning the article “ASL Professor Lacks TLC” by Justine Carucci.

We have received both positive and negative attention because of this article and would like to address the controversy it has caused.

Firstly, the article is in the Opinions section; it is not displayed as Hard News. Nothing is being purposed as a fact– it is all based on one person’s experience and is not meant to be generalized.

Justine is not speaking for the entire student body, only herself and what happened to her.

With that being said, the article is written from her perspective and no one has the right to say that what happened couldn’t possibly be or that she is a liar just because you had a different experience with the professor.

We understand this is a difficult topic to publish because people will always agree and disagree, but that is why it is an opinion. You don’t have to agree with the author.

Our writer should not be attacked cybernetically by students because you don’t agree with her experience or because you had a complete opposite experience. You can’t tell someone that what happened to them didn’t happen.

College students should rise above online bullying and know better than to blame a victim of an uncomfortable situation.

Just like you may love a restaurant and give it a five star review, the person next to you may have had a bad experience with the food once and decided to give it a bad review. You may not understand how or why this could have happened, because you love the place and have such great memories but you have to accept it’s not the same for everyone.

You are entitled to your perception of the situation just as much as as she is and anything could be said on the internet or through press because that is our freedom.

People also seem to forget the purpose of the article, which was not to shame the professor or shy students away from her classes, but to encourage students to defend their grades if they feel it was given to them unfairly.

The intention was not to discredit, but to spread awareness of professor favoritism, unfair grading and the services available to support you if you decide to fight back. This happens to many students and is not often talked about.

Not once was it suggested that students should not take this professor and their name was not disclosed. That was done by students in the comments.

Let’s address the elephant in the room– the picture paired with the article.

The picture was provided by the writer to express the unprofessionalism that the student experienced by the professor. It was symbolic to the story and was a choice made by the writer and the editors.

The picture was taken in a public setting, a club fair on campus, and shows the professor, who is a public employee. Therefore, we have every legal right to print the photo.

With that being said, we stand by our writer because it took a lot of courage and bravery to write the piece and speak out about something that hurt her. We don’t publish rants. The article was read and edited by several people before publishing.

We welcome anyone who would like to come to our office and discuss the situation further.

Thanks for reading.


The Co-Editors in Chief of The Banner

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