Sex and Relationships

Prioritize Sexy

Why feeling sexy is more than just feeling sexual

By: Beren Sabuncu

Spring break is nearing and all I can think of are the essays and homework that I need to attend to. It is hard juggling work, internships and school. There is always a new crisis at hand and new responsibilities popping up.

During the week, I am so busy that I can’t even have  proper phone calls with my family. I am either studying, doing homework, working, reading, sleeping or eating.  When my schedule initially started getting busy, I had a very pragmatic approach to life.

I tied my hair back, dressed casually and paid no attention to my sexuality. This proved itself to be a mistake as I was unhappy. I wasn’t unhappy because I was busy.  In fact, I was thriving because of my busy schedule. The busier I got, the more active and fruitful I felt. I was flourishing academically, but felt emotionally and sexually castrated. I wondered why, as it certainly was out of the blue.

Then one weekend, I had a beautiful experience…I drew a bath. I finally gave in and allowed myself some down time. For the first time in a while, I didn’t want to trouble myself with social media. So, I put on a mask and just relaxed.

It was just a bath. I didn’t have an outer-body experience or an epiphany. I wasn’t feeling my life drastically change right there in the water. But what did happen was just as significant. As I was lathering myself with lotion, I looked at myself and thought, “I have to pay more attention to myself.”

From that point on, I did. I spent more time getting ready, put on makeup and started dressing nicer. The results were phenomenal. I felt sexier just by alotting an extra 10-15 minutes a day for “me time.”

You might think feeling sexy wouldn’t have a huge effect on your day to day life, but I disagree!

I felt more social, as I was extremely comfortable in my skin. Although I did begin to pay attention to whatever my body desired sexually, feeling sexy is not just about sexuality. It is about empowerment. It is about self-love.

Life is so much better when you are aware of all the good things you bring into the world. There are several ways of feeling sexier without taking too much time out of your day:

You have to pay attention to the way you smell. Your smell is like your signature and it is among the few things a person notices about you. More importantly, you are the person that will smell it throughout the day. Invest in a good perfume, if you can. Any other investment might be lavish, but a good perfume is absolutely necessary.

Eating healthier changes your mood and your physique. You will have a glow if you eat healthier and feel proud of your eating habits. In that way, eating healthy equals a sexier you. After a shower, just take 10 minutes to moisturize, your skin will thank you.

Another great tip would be to forget your responsibilities when you’re having “me time.” The above mentioned extra 10-15 minutes you will spend to lather yourself in lotion should be spent without thoughts of responsibilities. You can afford to forget about your responsibilities for 10-15 minutes, and you owe yourself that much.

Sexy really is a state of mind, an approach to life, and you need to prioritize for it. You have to put yourself first, as nothing is more important than your mental and physical wellbeing. Side effects to feeling sexy include but are not limited to, better interactions, better academic standing and a better outlook.

Feeling sexy does so much more than enhance your sexuality and should be one of your priorities.  Just love yourself first, your responsibilities can wait and actually benefit from this approach. Feel sexier, take good care of yourself and love the skin you’re in. Cliche, it may be, but it will enhance your life.

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