Sex and Relationships

The O-Cast

The Future of Oral Sex

By: Tarah Maurice 

The Tab

The world gains a glimmer of hope and a sparkle of fun, when the things you never imagined or dreamed of, come racing down at you like a comet barrelling toward Earth.

No, not a meteor–a cosmic gift for women! The new invention that has just crash landed in the adult market, will improve and exceed your expectations on self-pleasure–changing the world as you know it.

If your adult toys and masturbation tricks are no longer satisfying, then you’ll be very enthusiastic about this Earth shattering delight. There is already a virtual blow-job for men, so why shouldn’t women be allowed to have a little fun?

An adult entertainment webcam platform, CamSoda, has put into motion something called “O-Cast.” It could be described as an “iTunes of oral sex for women.” Basically, they have created an app that can be used on either your iPhone or Android, which allows you to record your own distinctive mark of oral stimulation.  

To put it in simpler terms, one is able to record their perfect pattern of oral pleasure. Then, it can be uploaded to an account in the CamSoda store. Anyone with the Lovense “Lush” bluetooth egg vibrator can download any virtual recording of their discretion and the machine will recreate the experience for them.

To record your method of oral pleasure, you could use your finger, a mouse–or your tongue! It is stated that if you want the experience to be as close to the real thing as possible, it’s better to run your tongue all over your (wiped down clean with alcohol) phone.
Each recording will cost about 99 cents to download, but in celebration of Women’s History Month, they are free throughout the end of March. The site is soaring with positive reviews, so go ahead and make yourself see stars tonight–from the privacy of your own bed!

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