Sex and Relationships

Women Put The V In Values

The Viewpoint That all Men Should Have

By: William Morton

One of the most enticing things about the modern woman is the way she is the perfect combination of beauty and intelligence. With the correct guidance they should be sought, wooed and attract responsible men to cherish them as the treasures they are.

The stereotype of modern women, especially how they are portrayed on television, is that they are dependent on the income and protection of men. They are objectified for how they look. When advertising posters display female models clutching their brand’s bottle of beer, those that view it are going to have the thought that buying beer is something that can attract women, or come to the misunderstanding that women are obliged to serve beer.

What if the woman in the poster was relaxing with her refreshment after her day job or getting the promotion she deserved? It seems as if females are categorized under different standards, which should be reconsidered..

Men should view females with love but not the type of romantic, erotic love that is commercialized in modern day. Men should love the ethics of women such as their courage and their exceptionally astute regard for others.

When coming into the path of a female, the reaction should be to mentally rearrange different areas of thought to find someplace for her to stay. The fact that women endure so much such as catcalling, getting inappropriately touched or grabbed and occasionally getting harassed makes their fortitude sufficient for respect.

Koyel Bandyopadhyay, who regularly writes blogs on the blogging site, Quora, wrote an article for the Huffington Post entitled “What’s An Appropriate Way To Tell A Woman She Is Attractive? Advice from a sociologist,” in which she explains not to “act upon” the feeling of instant attraction. Instead, she suggests writing poetry or having conversations in the mirror about females and their seductive features.

The intelligence of the average woman is something that should really turn guys on. The cliche thing to do when seeing the hot girl stereotype is to approach her at the bar or club, but what if she’s at a bookstore? Though assumptions are typically not polite, if she is reading a book series that she enjoys and the opportunity to make conversation from the text-to-modern day occurrences presents itself, make the assumption that she can have that conversation.

There are women who are entrepreneurs, CEOs and editors-in-chief, which makes it clear that education is something that is balanced equally.

Beauty is subjective, but content is what can bring understanding. The disrespect of women should get deleted and that can enhance interactions and how to view situations among men and women. Of course there is going to be the emotion of attraction that men naturally have but that desire can get cooled and maintained.
The pure form of love that women should receive is the one in which the man is trying to know the woman’s insecurities, what makes her laugh and how can his attention boost her emotions.

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